Toyota Land Cruiser gets Wald BLACK BISON body kit

Toyota Land Cruiser gets Wald BLACK BISON body kit

Wald Toyota Land Cruiser BLACK BISON
Continuing our theme of oversized body kits for oversized egos, here is a body kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser by Japanese kit-maker Wald. Called the BLACK BISON package, it is nothing more than a styling package.

Wald Toyota Land Cruiser BLACK BISON

The package includes the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, wheels and spoiler. It is unknown if Wald will also provide the suspension lowering kit and exhaust system needed to complete the land-barge look, because the BLACK BISON sure isn’t going to scare any camels with that dress.

Anyone wanting this kit in the GCC will have to get it imported directly from Japan.

What do you think?



  1. it looks uglier than the normal LC but I think the style people love it here with pink metallic paint and alot of wasted money

  2. I hate cars that insult the auto world!

  3. think im gonna just add the exhausts to mine

  4. the term lipstick on a pig comes to mind

  5. the ultimate has to be the spoiler on top…dont know if u can hang your clothes to dry on it…talk bout express laundry!

  6. no matter wat u do…u cant get it to look sporty…its like a nerd wearing shorts and a body hugging t-shirt…

  7. The quad tail pipes look nice but the rest of it is just not very nice at all…there has to be a limit.

  8. Nothing left to say..this thing will make the king only good for small footpath hopping.

  9. good looking awsome…
    i have vxr new model nd wana to fit this body kit….
    lovely car

  10. how much is the landcruiser v8 vxr full option?

    how much is this body kit with the rims?
    didnt really like the rice spoiler and the front bumper. quad exhausts look good, hope they sound good too.

  11. hey mash how much will it cost any idea????/ thnx


  13. cool car but try to put lexani rims so people will like it allllrite bye

  14. Este Carro e Um espetacolo envia-me mais fotos.

  15. Is there any dealer for this or i have to order it from Japan ??

  16. Author

    Japan, but they want to sell it here in the near future.

  17. 😛 Anybody to tell me how to order this Kit because i love it. i m from Abudhabi

  18. I like this car, can you send me the price of this car (Black Bison). How much is the price? so please send me reply urgent.


  19. need toyota land cruizer lasted model with all extras four 4 tubos de escap, wald black bison, please let as know your price in american dollar, USD, and time to deliver it in angola, luanda city, and your acoount number. or please phone as on tel. 923 610 984.

  20. I have an LC and I just like it the way it is. These extra fittings will take away the rugged look of this car.

  21. Ah man! This bitch is awesomn

  22. hi, will the black bison body kit fit my 100 series land cruiser ,

  23. how much for the kit and where can i buy one?

  24. those guys above are just bullshitting..
    loved the LC. looks excellent , those who wanna hang cloths to dry on its spoiler, hang it on your own arm

  25. do you have any agency in riyadh?
    can i order through toyota agency?
    how much it cost me?
    can fit in GXR v6 2010?

  26. I am in Cyprus and i would like to know from where we can order the full body kid of the TOYOTA LANDCRUISER?

  27. Not bad for russian roads. There are a lot such cars in Russia. And people love it there. Awesome.

  28. hi
    this kit is available any time,
    anybody have the new 2013 model WALD black bison body kit?00971503785518

  29. I have Land cruiser V8 2111 black
    I like the black bison body kit fit
    possible to buyed in Dubai

  30. Hi
    I think this car is much better than another SUV
    I have VXR v8 2000
    And I want to buy the new model in Jeddah

    Here is my number +966567596561 and please no joking

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