Video of the week: Bin Sulayem crashes Renault F1 car

Renault was pulling off a publicity stunt at the Dubai Autodrome, where Mohammed Bin Sulayem was going to drive a Renault F1 car in straight-line drag-races against various supercars one after the other. We didn’t attend because it was simply a cheesy publicity stunt, but as soon as Bin Sulayem hit the track against a Ford GT, the car promptly spun out into the wall along the pit-lane, and a wheel came off from the crash. A Renault statement apparently says the car is “lightly damaged” and he is fine. More here.

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  1. Wow. This really made me laugh. The guy ate track wall. Someone should have reminded him that he wasnt sitting in a rally car. He’s the hero of UAE racing right? 🙂 hahaha

  2. this is really a very bad accident.. i hope he will recover as soon as possible…and those are talking about driving a rally car…if you dont know anything about bin sulayem..please please just STFU…he has the experience and he drove the car before in a closed track…accidents happen, even professional F1 drivers make accidents. i saw even some comments on some famous website like youtube…that proves how some people are jelous from us in the ME…

  3. I dont know about being jealous of an inbred loser like you. What I do know is that MBS cant drive an F1 car in a straight line. I havent heard of any REAL F1 drivers doing that 😛

  4. May be there was a technical problem in F1 car, no doubt Sulayem is one of the Best racer in the world. cheerz , and ahmad dont be jealous lol

  5. I think the tires weren’t warmed up properly or most likely he screwed up the shift..down shifted while accelerating instead of upshifting..and this isn’t really a heavy crash lol..and i’m surprised the wheel came off’s supposed to be chained to the body of the car as per the rules..

  6. meh, not a big deal. accidents happen all the time, people screw up. life goes on.

  7. MR. ahmed…it seems you are talking as if your father own the car…in my opinion, you still a kid waiting to have some money to buy your first bicycle…and by the way..driving a rally car is not an easy task…on rough surfaces, where actually you need every bit of grip with the ground…and those who think because he is not capable of driving a car with high HP…just look at his exotic cars and his modifying garage where he modify “not” F1 cars, but some patrols to 1000HPs…and as i said before…some famous F1 drivers made some stupid accidents…and MBS said that he drove the car before and it was fine…but the conditions on the track was totally different…i hope he will be able to drive it again just to show you “kid”…that you just think from your aZZ..retard

  8. had a chat with the renault pit crew.The computer shows the driver inputs.He (sulayem)throtlled the car and braked at the same time while the car had already lost control.Ask the pit crew.It was so funny hearing them.Poor guys took weeks to prepare the 2 cars .The one which crashed was the primary car.The second one has overheating issues..they cant show it off for a long time as it shuts down.

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    Interesting background info. Thanks.

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