NOVITEC TuLesto supercar based on Ferrari F430

NOVITEC TuLesto supercar based on Ferrari F430

Novitec TuLesto
Germany-based NOVITEC is building what they term as an “uncompromising high-performance concept” that will be a limited edition of just eleven cars. Indeed, they plan to make the new NOVITEC TuLesto the most exclusive high-end sports car in the world. It is under development right now. What you won’t hear them mention is that it is obviously based on the Ferrari F430.

The mid-engine racer weighs in at just 1260 kg. More interesting is that the 2-seater will be powered by a 777 hp 4.4-litre V8 engine with dual superchargers, all mated to a 6-speed clutchless manual with paddle-shifters and offering 727 Nm of torque at 6300 rpm. Thanks to its carbon-fibre and aluminium construction, the TuLesto has a power-to-weight ratio of just 1.62 kg/hp, with an expected 0-100 kph time of less than 3.4 seconds, and 0-300 kph time of just 22.6 seconds. Top speed is more than 350 kph.

The new high-end sports car represents NOVITEC’s first proprietary car and marks the company’s 20th anniversary.

The curves of the fenders, the front apron, the shape of the rear and the smooth underbody with integrated venturi tunnel and diffuser were calibrated in the wind tunnel to create an optimal aerodynamic balance.

The NOVITEC TuLesto features double-wishbone suspension front and rear, height-adjustable struts with various selectable damping rates, and adjustable sway bars. For easy negotiating of underground parking ramps or similar obstacles the TuLesto front can be raised 4 cm at the push of a button. The anti-lock braking system features ceramic composite discs and six-piston fixed calipers front and back. The ultralight alloy wheels can be had in 20-inch or 21-inch sizes, fitted with semi-slicks up to 355 mm wide on the rear axle.

The interior design offers a climate-control system and a high-end sound system. But lightweight carbon-fibre is used for the dashboard, centre console and door trim as well as for the bucket seats which will be custom-fitted in form, shape, size, colour and upholstery to each of the eleven future owners.

It is going to take a while for the rare car to hit the streets, as it still seems to be at the concept stage.

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  1. lets see how it size up with F599XX Ferrari in the house tunning

  2. F430 has always been my fav ferrari even tho I dont like the brand itselft cuz of its designs. This is one design I like frm them. and this one looks sweet! xD

  3. I have driven F430 spyder beleive me the car is awesome when it screams.but when i drove 911 turbo i changed my mind.Beleive me 🙂

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