Ford Mustang history over 45 years

Ford Mustang history over 45 years

Ford Shelby GT500
Putting aside its brush with bankruptcy, Ford is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Mustang, a car that started life as a ‘pony car’ and evolved into a ‘muscle car’ over the years.

The chart below is an interesting quick look at different models over half a century, although some of the Shelby-developed models have been left out.

For local prices, specs and other data about current models, visit the Ford Mustang buyer guide.

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  1. love mustangs….

  2. love mustangs too.
    mash, there is 2009 mustang gt500 here in the dealer’s showrooms, why you didnt add it to the buyer guide?
    i asked them about it last week, its price is 250k AED.

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