Video of the week: Top Gear in Abu Dhabi UAE

Everybody’s favourite British entertainment show was spotted filming somewhere near Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The entire Top Gear crew seems to be there, entering and leaving the country without much fanfare.

What do you think?



  1. apparently,these guys also had come to abu dhabi

  2. Damn! those r sm nice cars!!

  3. ther is a mclaren f1 in the video…i have never seen a mclaren f1 on uae roads…maybe stayin in some sheikh palaces…

  4. Mashy you should have clubbed “Stig” on his head and worn his suit. The world would have never have known….or Mashy are you the Stig???????????? 😆

  5. Author

    they might have just used sulayem here. gawd knows how many companies force him to do so many things nowadays.

  6. The UAE in general has alot of super luxury cars. If the Bentalies these days is common to see on the road it. We got alot of Buggati Veron limited edition The Koeissiges used to sell 1 every 2 month or less. The Ferrire before the reccession started used to stay on the showroom just 4 to 5 days

  7. Does anyone know where they filmed the driving of the Lamborghini through the desert in Abu Dhabi? It looked like a great road for a fun drive.

  8. Author

    There are many empty twisty side-roads between Dubai and Fujairah. A navigation system will ensure you won’t get lost as you explore.

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