Camaro 2010 may get Bumblebee edition

Camaro 2010 may get Bumblebee edition

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Bumblebee
The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro has barely been seen in public, but there is already talk that there may be a special edition based on the “Bumblebee” version seen in the upcoming Transformers 2: Rise Of The Fallen movie.

The Bumblebee character vehicle in the Transformers sequel has received an appearance upgrade in its second outing, after appearing in the first movie as a concept car.

The real-life 2010 Camaro Bumblebee will get yellow paint, body kit add-ons, unique wheels and various Transformers logos, if internet speculation proves to be accurate.

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  1. Hope bumblebee doesnt break down before the bad guys come 😀

  2. BUMBLEBEE is a awsome car ever. So i hope that BUMBLEBEE deosn’t die in transformers 3. So when i have alot of money iam going to get a BUMBLEBEE CAMARO my life. When i started to watch the transformers movie i started to like BUMBLEBEE and also i stated to like CAMAROS then mustangs. And also i mint sale new cars. like ford,CAMARO,mustang,dodge and other cars and trucks. So BUMBLEBEE IS AWSOME CAMARO EVER AND GO BUMBLEBEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  3. Bumblee will have its hard plastics melting in the GCC heat and all its electronics short circuiting as soon as the warranty is over…

  4. Yo, you sure bro? doesnt how well you take care of your car, impact how long it will last?

  5. i need the color to this car.. its not only one, yellow…..somebody helpme

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