VW Golf wagon debuts, frightens bystanders

VW Golf wagon debuts, frightens bystanders

Volkswagen Golf Estate
The latest iteration of the Volkswagen Golf doesn’t have the most attractive of faces, but just as people were warming up to it, VW went ahead and added an ugly Estate station-wagon version to the line-up that looks like it belongs in a Chinese auto show.

There isn’t much to write about this monstrosity. In addition to sharing the VW Golf’s ugly new face, it also shares engines, among them a 102 hp 1.6-litre clunker and that 160 hp 1.4-litre twincharger TSI nonsense.

While the interior is similar to the Golf hatchback, cargo volume has increased, of course, at the expense of a balanced exterior profile. All models get six airbags, power windows, climate control and keyless entry.

The Golf Estate, whose name sounds like a golfing resort, is on sale in Europe, and likely won’t come to the UAE, for obvious reasons.

For more information on the GCC-spec hatchback, visit the Volkswagen Golf buyer guide.

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  1. is this a joke!!! 🙄

  2. you on someones payroll? I like this design!

  3. Author

    You on VW’s payroll?

  4. all interior ext. features may be somewhat good but the engine
    wat a small engine for a big car china cars r better
    think so

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