Corvette C6 Karvajal ZX-1 body kit

Corvette C6 Karvajal ZX-1 body kit

Chevrolet Corvette Karvajal Designs ZX-1
American-based Karvajal Designs recently showed off their body-kit package for the Chevrolet Corvette C6.

The Corvette ZX-1 Stage One package includes complete replacement body panels as part of the kit that widens the C6 Corvette’s fenders, while adding more intakes and ducts, front and rear LED lights, custom exhaust system, rear diffuser and 18-inch HRE aluminium wheels.

The interior gets less-aggressive mods, limited to aluminium sill plates, floor mats, flat-bottom steering wheel, sports seats and full leather upholstery. A performance package is available that includes Baer brakes, a Pfaft coil-over suspension, anti-roll bars, full under-body aero package and a Magnuson supercharger tuned to produce over 600 hp. If that isn’t enough, all of the exterior panels can be had in carbon-fibre.

The kit has to be special-ordered, although Karvajal is also selling fully-built cars.

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  1. nice body kit i like it….

  2. I like it too, brother. I like it too.

  3. Well,thats one good looking car… 😈

  4. Hey,Sweet body kit. How much is it, how long does it take to ship and what if extra is required.

  5. Please email me very intrested in the front bumper can you sell one like that thanks [email protected]

  6. Whre can I buy it?

  7. i would like to buy this kit where can i get it from thanx

  8. what is the cost of the total body kit for the zx-1 (c6) ?

  9. would like 2 buy ,how much is your c6 kits

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