VW Eos White Night edition embarrasses itself

VW Eos White Night edition embarrasses itself

VW Eos White Night
It has always been obvious that Volkswagen’s designers have no creativity whatsoever, coming up with boring cars and hoping the marketing department can trick naive people into thinking they are cool. Take, for example, their latest “special edition” VW Eos. They named it the Eos White Night, except that the only change involves a white car with a cheesy black-painted roof that makes its folding hard-top look like a cloth roof.

The new VW Eos White Night apparently “embraces the contrast of black and white.” Therefore the body is white, while elements such as the roof, radiator grille and mirror covers are black. This special model can be ordered in Europe only.

New 18-inch “Budapest” wheels, partially painted black, with a polished finish complete the exterior of this girly favourite. The light and dark accents continue in the interior, with the black leather seats, door and side trim. Other plastic trim is in white. Sill panel strips lettered with “White Night” showcase this special model.

Convenience elements such as the “Climatronic” climate control
system, “sports” chassis lowered 15 mm and heated front seats come as standard in the Eos White Night. The Eos White Night starts from and can only be had with the 4-cylinder engine choices, to complete the embarrassment for potential popped-collared owners.

It is now on sale in Europe only for more than the equivalent of Dhs 170,000 although UAE buyers are not missing out on much. For GCC prices and specs, visit the Volkswagen Eos buyer guide.

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  1. 170,000!! are u freaking kidding me..!! thats jus ridiculous!!what were they thinking puting it in that price category!!??

  2. That price is a joke!!! So is this car!!!

  3. Bye a Evo, Lexus, Infiniti or fully loaded powerful 4×4 for the same price.

  4. what a mess! omg they seriously thought someone wud like this crap? good for them if they limited production to just a few units…atleast they wont lose that much money…

  5. You’re kinda hard on VW, dont you think?

  6. Author

    We have a history.

  7. Hello is this car still available for sale?

  8. Some of you guys have no idea what your talking about.I have a white night 2 litre petrol, raced it twice with slicks on & won both times beating evo both times.So maybe you guys should get away from your computers & test drive one.

  9. ^ You beat the evo with this girly power puff toon? LOL
    C’mon Mick, quit yanking us! Either that or you had a very pleasant dream.

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