Al-Futtaim Automotive Toyota Honda dealer offers cover in UAE

Al-Futtaim Automotive, the UAE’s largest car distributor, today announced it is offering a unique free redundancy cover on purchases from all their volume brands which will provide a further confidence boost for those currently delaying a vehicle purchase due to job security concerns.

The group represents Toyota, Honda, Volvo, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge as well as Automall, Al-Futtaim Automotive’s pre-owned car division.

The exclusive free redundancy cover, a first in the UAE, gives Al-Futtaim customers the reassurance of a payout of 15% of the invoice value of the vehicle purchased in the unfortunate event of them losing their job involuntarily. The customer is free to use this payout as they wish. For example, if the vehicle was purchased on finance, the payout can be used to continue to make their monthly payments while they find new employment.

Len Hunt, Group Director, Automotive, Al-Futtaim, said: “Whilst our sales have grown during the first quarter of this year, our research has shown that there are a still a significant number of customers who want to take advantage of our current strong offers but are holding off purchasing due to concerns about their job security. Therefore, we decided to launch this free redundancy insurance product, which is provided by our in-house Arab Orient Insurance Company the UAE’s only “A” rated insurer, to give these customers the ability to buy one of our cars with added confidence.”

Hunt continued: “As the country’s largest distributor of the world’s most desirable auto brands, we believe that this new free redundancy cover, when added to our other strong promotions currently available, such as free motor insurance and free vehicle servicing, provides those seeking a new car the best offers the UAE has ever seen.”

Al-Futtaim Automotive’s brands have seen positive sales growth over the last couple of months. This growth has been helped by Al-Futtaim’s unique partnership with several leading banks that has led to finance underwriting criteria that have been relaxed considerably since the beginning of the year. Under this partnership Al-Futtaim Automotive now offers loans to those earning from Dhs 3000 per month, a return to situation before the change in economic climate.

“We are very positive about the future and we want our customers to share in this sentiment. This latest addition to our line up of consumer offers means that Al-Futtaim Automotive customers can now visit our showrooms and drive away in a new car with confidence and in knowledge they have received fantastic value for money,” added Hunt.

Al-Futtaim is the exclsuive dealer for Toyota, Honda and Volvo in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, among other UAE states.

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  3. Hiii, May i know is there any Automotive related organizations in Qatar by Al Futtaim groups?
    Consider this as urgent

  4. Domasco Honda and Volvo

  5. Assalam alaykom,
    I am searching for HONDA CR-V used car,low milage,prefer white color,so can you inform me if I can find one in your yards?
    Thanks and best regards.

  6. why alfutaim does not inform their customer for any good offer by email, any person wish to seal me camry
    2010 full option on cheap price hoooooonnnnnnn

  7. Is it possible to get a car loan if my salary is only 2,000? And i dont have any bank accounts?

    • sorry to say but this is unlikely.

      on a personal note: if u only earn 2,000 aed per month, i strongly suggest u dont get urself in deep debt just to own a car.

      there are hefty penalties in this country in case of default/ u cant pay back the loan on time!

  8. Hi

    I am associate engineer of automobile.and I have one year work experience.I want to work al futtain

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