Video of the week: BMW X5 beach offroading

BMW insists that their X5 is an offroader. We found out otherwise. A couple of people in Turkey found out the hard way. To make matters worse, the people in this video aren’t too bright either, with an overweight passenger who refuses to get off even while three out-of-shape kids are trying to push a tank.

What do you think?



  1. Imagine all that salt water inside the exhaust, brakes etc…

    These people deserved having a high tide take the car away…what a butch of dumb people!!!

  2. retards

  3. shudve got the 4.8, the 3.0 is underpowered and overweight add those 20inch wheels and you got a fat lady with huge shoes, ever seen one of those try n run? haha

  4. This is the 3.0D from the sound of it..but yeh, these ppl are stupid for taking their vehicle into sea water!!Seriously!! wut a waste of money,, wonder wut happened to it after that..I once saw a BMW 745 stuck in the beach with high tide..!! who the heel takes a 7 series to the beach!!

  5. lol what a bunch of morons like me i once got my aveo stuck in the beach sand (it was raining i thought the sand was hardened) but not in the water, a police nissan patrol helped me out warned me not to try it again lol

  6. Quite a strange bunch of people! Killing the car by doing what it is not made for, in fact!

  7. looool…the fat lady looks so stupid..

  8. Fatso guy didnt used his big tummy to take out BMW

  9. itz totally useless now wid all tat salt water n mud all over!

  10. the only thing going through my mind frm the start was the salt water getting into the wrong places… this thing just aint supposed to be here!

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