Toyota Camry Hybrid for Thailand and Asia

Toyota Camry Hybrid for Thailand and Asia

Toyota Camry Hybrid
The hybrid version of the Toyota Camry was only on sale in a couple of developed countries earlier, but the Japanese firm has now started building the petrol-electric car at its plant in Thailand, to supply the Far-East Asian market.

While named the 2009 Camry, its exterior is actually based on the Aurion, with detail changes such as a new grille, a sportier front bumper and clear tail-lights.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry Hybrid uses a 4-cylinder petrol engine with 147 hp and 187 Nm of torque, with additional 650V electric motors with a NiMH 245V traction battery with a maximum output of 29 kW, adding 40 hp to produce peak power of 187 hp.

Currently, a few standard-design Camry Hybrid taxis ply the roads of Dubai on an experimental basis. Toyota UAE has vaguely mentioned that hybrid cars might come to the GCC.

Keep track of UAE model changes and prices in the Toyota Camry buyer guide.

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  1. Ugly rear Lights!!!

  2. its an aurion…but what is the size of the engine???

  3. Its peak power is 187hp i say 2.4

  4. is this aurion or camry ?. anyway Ugly car

  5. ITS 147 RAYAN ^^^ 😉

  6. i wondeer whether these kind of cars are realy reached to GCC

  7. Hello, This is my Dream Car Like it,

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