Dubai police using Dodge Charger police cars

Dubai police using Dodge Charger police cars

Dubai Police Dodge Charger
It is a slow news day today, just like the crime statistics in the safe city of Dubai. The jails are filled with loan dodgers and disgruntled labourers rather than murderers and mafia dons, and we figured we’d highlight the Dubai Police’s latest weapon in their fight against crime – the Dodge Charger.

The Dodge Charger police package comes with the choice of either a 250 3.5-litre V6 or a 340 hp 5.7-litre V8, both mated to a 5-speed automatic gearbox and a rear-wheel-drive platform.

The police package adds a slim roof-mounted light bar, bull bars front and back, and a spot light on the A-pillar, alongside with a police computer and a siren of course.

Externally, it is impossible to tell which engine resides under the bonnet of the Charger police car, as all badging is deleted and the wheels are standardised for all models. It is possible that the V6 has been chosen, if only for cost reasons.

The Charger may still be in the evaluation phase, as the Dubai police dabbles in various types of cars to join the ranks of their fleet that currently consists of Toyota Fortuner, Nissan Xterra, BMW 530i and Mercedes-Benz C-Class marked cars, while phasing out older models.

To find out more about this muscle car in the UAE, visit the Dodge Charger buyer guide.

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  1. Now they have space to put more criminal on the back

  2. It’s a V8 as it has twin exhausts cause I think the V6 comes with only one exhaust….

  3. just FYI. I have been seeing the Dodge Charger police car in the streets since January 2008.. i think it was only one car or maybe two.

    I used to see it every morning on Jumairah when I used to run on the beach back in 2008.

  4. Yeah me too..seen them before also

  5. even seen police Four wheel in KIA Mohave.. 😀

  6. can u plz also show the police Fortuners,

    as i drive a fortuner, and i havnt seen a Police fortuner sooo,

  7. i guess auh police have the best variety of police cars…e-class, land cruiser, xterra, pathfinder, golf gti, caprice, lumina, armada…

  8. also charger and mustang in kuwait

  9. feroz if u want to see Police fortune then visit Memzar park at night. and yea i also saw some Kia Mohave on the roads with the police badge.

  10. noticed that the email and website address on the back of the car is not visible thanks to the bull bar obstructing it.
    its like those construction vehicles with ‘hows my driving’ for comments call and a number that is incomplete.
    thats uae for you lol

  11. No big deal mashy…the bahrain police have been driving the chargers for quite some time now – and they do not have that much money as the guys in the UAE.My wife and myself got pulled over in bahrain but one of em – reason – cause she was driving at the speed limit (nobody does that) and they suspected her to not having a license 😆

    The cake though is taken by the police here in Qatar.Check out the link of the lambo police car.Although with our fines of AED 6,000 for breaking red signals – they should be buying bugatti’s!!! 🙂

  12. The Charger is built in Canada along with the Chrysler 300C and Dodge Challenger.

  13. Yeah the Bahrain Police are the first to drive Chargers as police cars in the Middle East… and later followed by Lebanon.

    but in Lebanon the policemen who are driving chargers are just racing each other…

  14. even kuwaiti police is drivin chargers…when i visited kuwait i saw many chargers and crown victorias…they look more like some american police cars…

  15. I spoke to one of the cops in Abu Dhabi (they have the Charger police car there for a while) and they told me that they are V8s with some minor modifications.

    I seriously doubt they would have made “modifications” to the engine…probably the computers and car tracking instrumentation.

    Either case – interesting read 😛

  16. Author

    Engines are never modified in any factory police package, except for extra cooling aids.

  17. i had seen a kia mohave police SUV too. would tht just be trying out or are they actually using it?

  18. i like the charger (police car move).. also i heard that the Kia Mohave is a good peice… wish to read a review for it….

  19. V8 Charger… a lot of ’em… he he he!!1 and here we are in UAE trying to save the Earth, right?? C’mon guys!! we can also use Toyota tundra’s or better yet: HUMMVEE!!

  20. MHC,
    Even I saw Dubai Police using a Kia Mohave!

  21. MHC,
    Now you must have a test drive on Kia Mohave!

  22. In kuwait i have seen police using Dodge Charger

  23. You are correct! Twin exhaust, 5.7L V8. 3.5L remains single exhaust.

  24. Very nice in those police colours. I hope to see them on the road soon. Now I can race them (or is that escape from them?) in my own Dodge Charger.

  25. Well Bahrain uses both Chargers and Mercedes-Benz E-class as police rides in Bahrain….Don’t wanna mess with them,,,

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