Saudi Arabia bans used car imports older than 5 years

Saudi Arabia bans used car imports older than 5 years

The Saudi Customs Department has officially started implementing a government decision banning the import of used cars older than five years into the Kingdom.

“The ban is on used cars, buses and other light goods vehicles more than five years old. Heavy vehicles more than 10 years old are also not allowed to be imported,” Suleiman Al-Tuwaijeri, director of the Customs Department, told Arab News in Jeddah.

Apparently the ban does not cover spare parts for old vehicles in use, and used car importers get a six-month grace period to figure out their situation.

More than 140,000 used cars were imported into Saudi Arabia last year, accounting for 24% of total car imports in 2008.

Some traders say that Saudi used car dealers had hoarded cars expecting demand to rise after the import ban.

Several used car dealers also say that used prices rose 20% over the past two months. This is likely due to the stubborn new car dealers who refuse to reduce prices during this recession.

A meeting of the Automobile Committee of the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry urged the authorities to relax the rule and ban cars older than eight years.

While any ban on old cars is stupid, this is still an easier idea to digest than the ill-conceived blanket-ban on all 10-year-old cars that the UAE almost implemented at the end of 2009, before the country’s president put a stop to it. And to think that the majority of the public supported that ban, thinking they won’t be affected since they drive brand new cars bought on bank loans. That was until their friendly neighbourhood banks hounded them once they lost their jobs.

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  1. The car on the picture is atleast 15years old.

  2. Author

    …and it’s HAWT!

  3. And it’s most probably a Hartge BMW 740i 😀

  4. Yet, it looks 🙂 nice… isn’t it???

  5. Guys, you should hook up with SEMA Action Network and see if there’s anything you guys can do about this, even if it is letting your voices be heard. I don’t know if international boundaries would limit this, but it’s worth a shot. I wish you all the best of luck out there.

  6. i want to bring a car from UAE to Saudi Arabia, however, before i do this, i have to buy the car, 2004 Jeep Cherokee Limited, comparitively to saudi, the price is good. Would i be allowed to bring it in to saudi?

  7. ahmed its not possible beacue only 5 yr old cars

  8. hey i could any one please tell me what is the procedure and cost to bring a car to KSA after i have bought it in dubai and want to drive back to KSA?

  9. please tell me if i can import a 2005 model car ?

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  12. Hi,

    Can i import a 2003 Honda Accord, 96,000 mileage,perfect condition car from Kuwait to Bahrain?….

  13. what are they ganinig from banding old cars ?
    i have a 2005 infinti FX35 and now i cant send !
    that sucks

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  15. I am bringing my car from the United States and need a broker at the port of Jeddah to do the paper work to register it in Jeddah..

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