2009 BMW Motorrad motorcycles at Abu Dhabi Motors

Abu Dhabi Motors, the exclusive importer of BMW in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, recently welcomed the latest models from the 2009 BMW Motorrad range to its Umm Al Nar Showroom. The new models include bikes in the Sport, Tour, Urban and Enduro segments and will offer motorbike enthusiasts in the Capital the latest in quality, durability and technology on two wheels.

Abu Dhabi Motors has been offering Motorrad, BMW’s brand name for its range of motorcycles, since 1988 to customers seeking the outstanding characteristics of a premium motorcycle. The latest arrivals include the K1300 S in the Sport segment for high performance riding, the K1300 GT in the Tour segment and the K1300 R in the Urban segment. In addition, three new models have arrived in the Enduro segment, which offers great off-road and trail handling capability, including the G450 X, F800 GS, and the R1200 GS Adventure.

Motorrad Sport offers the no-holds barred thrill of a genuine sportsbike alloyed to the peace of mind that comes from knowing it is one of the safest machines on the road. Each model combines cutting edge technology with minimum weight, the highest manufacturing standards and, of course, enormous power.

The Tour class is designed for maximum comfort at any speed, whether cruising long trips on the motorway, winding through mountain roads or in big city traffic. It is joined by the Motorrad Urban segment, a world class selection of powerful yet strikingly styled street bikes, delivering high performance and sport style suspension, and guaranteed to draw admiring glances.

The Enduro segment combines groundbreaking engineering, excellent ergonomics and superlative handling for maximum enjoyment and maximum safety, particularly impressive when roads only get in the way.

Commenting on the arrival of these latest Motorrad models Arno Husselmann, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Motors said: “In recent years BMW Motorrad has really upped its game in terms of brute power and speed. These new models incorporate these new design aspects as well as all the characteristics you would associate with a BMW premium motorcycle: durability, superior ride comfort, good brakes and suspension, mostly shaft-driven engines, and of course, high resale value.”

Kamal Masad, Motorcycle Salesman at Abu Dhabi Motors said: “The majority of our Motorrad customers are looking for a bike to enjoy at the weekend, either a sports or touring bike to cruise around on or an Enduro model to make the most of the local landscape that lends itself to excellent off-road biking. However, we have also seen a pick-up in customers who view the Motorrad range as a safe and comfortable alternative to beat the traffic.”

Abu Dhabi Motors offers a wide range of Motorrad accessories, servicing and are in the process of assessing the potential of opening an Abu Dhabi BMW Bike Club this year.

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