Mercedes-Benz G-Class sales up 139% in May 2009

Despite a softening of sales for SUV’s across the Middle East region, Mercedes-Benz reported today that its iconic G-Class continues to be as popular as ever. In fact more so, with rising sales.

The G-Class, which is 30 years old this year, celebrated with May deliveries up a massive 139% over the same period last year.

Since January 2009, 445 G-Class vehicles have been delivered to happy customers across the GCC and Levant. In fact so popular has the G-Class been this year that its May deliveries figure of 259 is higher than that for the first five months of last year which was 186.

The G-Class has become an automotive styling icon and continues to win over posers across the world. It represents the gene pool for the Mercedes-Benz SUV family, which, with five models, is the largest range of luxury 4x4s available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and other Middle East countries.

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