Suzuki Celerio 2009 gives Alto company in UAE

Suzuki Celerio 2009 gives Alto company in UAE

Suzuki Celerio Alto
The Indian-built Suzuki Alto has been around in the UAE for a while now, offering ultra-cheap “new” transportation to ultra-cheap people who refuse to simply buy a larger used car instead. For people with that screwy mentality, Suzuki is now offering the 2009 Celerio this summer, so they aren’t as embarrassed about their vanity-related mental deficiencies.

Likely named after a vegetable, the Celerio is actually a new version of the Alto, but Suzuki has decided to offer this new model alongside the existing Alto in the UAE and other GCC countries.

Power comes from a tiny 1.0-litre engine, producing 67 hp and 90 Nm of torque, enough to reach highway speeds with a strong tailwind.

Features include two airbags, fixed rear windows, hard interior plastics, and a choice of manual or automatic. Pricing start at Dhs 37,000, or about Dhs 5,000 more than the outdated Alto.

For more information about UAE pricing and GCC specs, visit the Suzuki Celerio buyer guide.

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  1. I’ve driven the alto and it’s not a terrible car….just very slow and small…Top speed managed 135kmph going downhill…. :mrgreen:

  2. wow! they make the interior look so good in the pic! i’m sure its is really dull [duh!]. so its A-seg right? yea, so i guess people who buy cars of this category will go for a picanto [spark perhaps?]. cuz picanto’s cheaper and the next model might apeal more. not tht i’m going for any A-seg car here…

  3. its also there in india but its named a-star…
    it hs a saperate rpm meter if can see in the pic carefully

  4. Nice info. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. whats the tachometer doing up there? why isnt it with the speedometer?

  6. Author

    So that they can delete it in lower models.

  7. ultra-cheap transport…understood…but Mash, ultra-cheap ppl?? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ..probably they cannot afford to buy a larger car and wants a brand new car instead of risking a used junk, which is also dirt cheap to maintain..

  8. for 30k you can buy many used cars that are not junk instead of buying brand new actual junk like these lol

  9. @ chris… sure if you dont mind spending some time in industrial areas and workshops…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. And mash… please dont say Ultra cheap people…. please keep the site clean… its not a shame if someone cant afford a higher price car…

  11. So fear of buying a used car will make you buy a tin-can death trap? Ah ok, I see your logic. Better risk death than risk being inconvenienced.

  12. @ Dr. Ankesh.. if you drive like those crazy losers at high speed and making dangerous manuvers… yeah you need a bigger and more safe cars… i dont know how you driveing habits, but im my self in my 2006 E320, even that i have the power to speed up and I doubt that your car is a better match ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ … i never had a ticket…

  13. and just for the record… beside the 2006 E320, I own the Kia Opirus 3.5 V6.. which i took to AutoDrom last July… beat the accord.. not at the corners,,, but in the straight strech…

  14. Mashfique, I can understand and empathise with u that ur company sends you to test n write abt such cars, may be u deserve it. People are not cheap, its matter of what one need and want. Please have respect for people.

  15. LOL, noob. Maybe he should be “fired” from the “company” then. And yes, there are cheap people, especially among Indians. I have family members like that, who make tons of money and refuse to spend any of it.

  16. Does any of you fools speak english here? or is it that none of you really have anything called brains? what mash is trying to say is it is better to buy a used car than buy a brand new car, FOR ALMOST THE SAME PRICE…I don’t see him saying anywhere that people with poor salaries should buy Mercs or BMWs etc…let me know if any of you still don’t get it, I will try to draw it for you to the best of my MSPaint abilities..

  17. we should respect Suzuki specially Asian , to be frank i could hardly afford alto in pakistan , had to take loanto buy it, if your earning good does not mean u spend all of it on car, car is necssacity , the suzuki car fulfills this, we should thank ALLAH that we can afford such luxury cars and after that that we should thank UAE for giving us the oppurtunity to buy luxury cars…

    ….. i could imagine driving V6 back in my country.. that’s blessing of ALLAH Al Mighty

  18. Author

    Hehe, seems the two “doctors” are among the few who got the POINT. I won’t bother explaining it.

  19. I was surprised the kit the Alto came with. It had a rev meter, two airbags, auto front windows which I was really surprised to see. It’s better to buy something like a second hand sonata instead of this. But as my friend said, the only thing good about this car is when you spend AED45 on a full tank and you get 400+ kms…. :mrgreen:

  20. The face looks like Mickey Mouse with his mouth open and after a bad accident!!!! Luv the aircon vents though.
    I did have a chance to drive the Alto (when there were no other rental cars available during the Asian games). I thought initially I would break it but it was a fun car and I did luv it being manual โ€“ although the shift was a bit notchy. I did get run off the road couple of times by Mr.Landcruiser for holding traffic. Safety wise โ€“ a dangerous car. I wouldnโ€™t buy it cause I consider it a bit unsafe out here in the gulf and dam, the fuel here is soooo cheap โ€“ gimme a 6 cylinder.
    That said, Mashy I do not think people who do buy these cars have a screwy mentality. Its just a question of affordability. They will not buy a used cause many do not know a thing about cars and rather have a new car, which they can afford and have complete peace of mind. Given a choice between this Suzuki Celerio and that unreliable old Z3 (which you still proudly drive surprisingly) โ€“ Iโ€™d tell that customer to pick up the Suzuki. Heโ€™d hv much less fun but atleast heโ€™ll be on the road more often.

    No idea what that doctor is on about. I think he meant โ€“ โ€œunderstandโ€ English rather than โ€œspeakโ€ English. He outta get himself checked ๐Ÿ˜†
    Mashy, get yourself a new set of wheels!!!

  21. well if you can “speak” in English then I’m sure you “understand” English too…if you have no idea what I’m on about, (OMG…) then it is clear who here needs a check up ๐Ÿ™„

  22. Author

    Your car became a used car as soon as you bought it, rlasrado. So I guess it is a piece of unreliable crap now. And it is will be considered unreliable crap by the guy you next sell it to.
    I’ll keep the respect and fun I get from the BMW, thank you very much. It has never let me down.

  23. World is facing fuel crisis and environment damage, every body should contribute to high efficiency and low polluting cars, buying Celerio which is around 100 gm of Carbon di oxide emission / km is less than 60 % than any other SUV , we drive around here in the gulf. Simply wasting money and polluting. Those who can understand , would prefer the Celerio and alike cars, others can test the environment and their pockets.

  24. Typical Pakistani comments on a Indian car , grow up already, Like to see even one Paki Car co doing well

  25. from where pakistan came?

  26. A clown looking car with an underpowered engine.. Im better off with a used car for the same price tag…

  27. For those who does’nt like this car and loved driving beautiful and speedy car, just be carefull… you might lost control one day…

    This car is better than nothing and not for the people who has big HEAD ..

  28. The author of these comments is obviosly a paki

  29. Say what u want , Fact remains that the car is doing extremely well in Europe, u cant expect Oil rich countries who care a crap for oil conservation to buy anything other than Gas Guzzlers

  30. Id buy a 2-3 year old suzuki swift or a toyota yaris with FSH, low mileage & a warranty rather than this stupid looking car..
    & it still will save me more money interms of bank loans & paying for the 1st couple of dealer service intervals.. rather than investing in a brand new celerio..

  31. Author

    Seems ROJ got my point.

  32. Hey guyss !! i wanna ask something plz any one tell me … this car is better than kia-picanto ???? plzzzzzz any 1 see this just tell me cuz im confused between both !!! ๐Ÿ™

  33. MAN!! they’re all sh1t…

  34. hmm.. So which is better Kia picanto or this one !! Plz any1 answer me

  35. Obviously id go for japanese quality standard, the suzuki that is.. Still i say both cars look like clowns..
    The problem is no asian carmaker on this planet knows how to design a decent looking compact car these days..


  37. I really dont get what you’re saying but this is what i understood:
    the people up there! I just wanna say (sth=something?) that may let you be shocked. Not Everyone have a lovely mum who offered a BMW or Merc. So every1 put their long tongue in their lovely mouse (lool). I need someonw to tell me the features (which, btw, sir, is already mentioned in the article and the link in the article).

  38. OMG!! this is the best Thread Ever!! Im having a laugh about it while reading all the shophisticated comments done by the doctors & the engineers..

  39. made in india = scary taught….

  40. i think its nice car and its safe more than picanto and enough 4 me its suzuki and cheap as well..

  41. bonjour
    j’ai une voiture celerio anne 2009 mais le probleme de cette voiture monque la rapiditรฉ
    mais en gros sa va c’est trois celindre

  42. une voiture mieux que rien celerio la mienne

    mieux que je l’oullet une voitue j’allez au ce que ge veux

    li ayach be rezek el nas ibatte aryanne

  43. To Mash.. ULTRA-CHEAP PEOPLE? SCREWY MENTALITY? Definitely not a good way to start a review. Every car has it’s class and purpose. Drop your ego before you start a review. Then maybe you’d start earning a good professional critic and review reputation. Mockery is different from Review. try to learn that my friend.

  44. all of you just over splashed your egos and by this helped no one. what we, i personally, want to know, is – is the celerio worthwhile?

  45. Was one memorable tread… Definitely the whole thing is oozing with ego.. but in the whole thing is ugly and annoying looking car..

  46. it’s cheap car. i considr it’s for rich ppl in Peru. so here not much ppl canot affort it. cause it costs you about 12 thousand dollars. im gonna get it soon. in 2 days and iam sooo happy !!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ !!!

  47. I with my wife and my daughter travelled in a Taxi which is Suzuki Alto, a lot in Himachal Pradesh in India. Although we could not reach high speeds due to hilly terrain, this car is a beauty. This sturdy car can handle rough roads with ease. It is safe in a place where every one drives such small cars. It cannot be safe in a country like UAE, not because people drive big cars, due to the fact that people here drive like nuts.

  48. this car aint that bad ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. This aint a bad car, in a country where fuel prices go sky high, If you guys are worried about the car isnt going to protect you from impacts all the time, it depends maybe on your driving habits or people on your area are driving like crazy.

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