Lexus LS 460 gets tuned by Lorinser

Lexus LS 460 gets tuned by Lorinser

Lexus LS 460 Lorinser
European tuning firm Lorinser is well-known for modifying Mercedes-Benz models for decades now. So it is a bit of a novelty to see them turn their attention to the decidedly-Japanese Lexus LS 460.

Of course, the Lorinser kit for the big LS is nothing more than an appearance package consisting of a body kit with new bumpers, new alloy wheels, side skirts and new exhaust tips.

For UAE prices and GCC specs of the stock model, check out the Lexus LS buyer guide.

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  1. neat… like the SLR type rims…

  2. what will we do with stupid bumpers i need performance turbos or superchargers etc

  3. @ sohi, keep your opinion to our self.. LS 460 is amazing…

  4. umm, i guess its ok?

  5. Same boring Lexus!!!! 🙄

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