2010 Ford Mustang now available with glass roof

2010 Ford Mustang now available with glass roof

2010 Ford Mustang Glass Top
The outgoing version of the Ford Mustang was offered with a glass roof option in the United States. It was so popular that as many as 10% of Mustang buyers opted for it. Now the option returns for the redesigned 2010 Mustang.

The glass roof cuts out 90% of UV rays, shielding occupants from the blinding sun while reducing cabin temperatures, limiting the energy required to run the a/c, while protecting the interior from fade and deterioration and reducing the amount of noise inside the cabin, when compared to a traditional cloth-top convertible. It also comes with manually-operated roller blinds to block out the sun.

The glass roof is available in the United States on both the V6 and V8 models for the equivalent of Dhs 7300. The 2010 Ford Mustang is debuting in the UAE and GCC by the middle of July, although it is unknown which models will be offered here.

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  1. love mustang… superb car..

  2. Hi Mash,

    Whats your take on the 3 perennial muscle cars head-to-head? My pick is the challenger and for nothing else but pure looks. I know thee mustang is probably the best choice for the GCC market though. From your experience-whats more survivable and maintainable in the GCC? The Mustang OR the Challenger (and I wont say OR the Camaro). And whats the primary difference between the mustang GCC spec and the mustang American spec?



  3. Author

    I don’t really know how well any of them will survive here. But I really do think that the Camaro is the best among the three.

  4. who needs a glass roof except for show off

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