Video of the week: Schumacher’s Ferrari FXX in Top Gear

I usually do not post Top Gear videos, but they recently caused a lot of hype by revealing “The Stig” to be Michael Schumacher. Real or not, he did apparently drive the Ferrari FXX on the Top Gear test track in the same episode, and the result is astounding.

What do you think?



  1. he did drive the fxx around the track and that is really his personal fxx…what a lap that was!!!
    but obviously he is not the real stig…they will never reveal his identity…the last one got fired because he revealed himself in some book…the current one, atleast the person they use most as the stig, is some british racing driver…ben something, can’t recall his name.

  2. Author

    Ben Collins. He also does movie stunt driving, which I like better.

  3. That was an absolute flier of a lap by schumi…it was fun to see him drive the sedan in the end of the episode ! He almost killed the cameraman !

  4. hehe the sedan drive was just for entertainment, and so that jeremy can say “i don’t think he is the stig” and his usual “on that bombshell it’s time to end the show”…i wish they did really make him drive around in that cheap car though..would be nice to see what time he gets compared to the other f1 drivers

  5. I think I have read the same article in other site… i mean literally…

    Hey Mash, my friend…. its good to take ideas from other sites, but next time spend just a little more time to make it your own way…

    😎 😎 😆

  6. Author

    It’s not copying if I wrote it on that site too. 😉

  7. 😆 😆 😆

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