Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake & Mustang SR

Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake & Mustang SR

Legendary tuner Shelby has revealed the Super Snake package for the 2010 Shelby GT500 in the United States.

Shelby is offering the upgrades to existing owners of unmodified cars. The Super Snake will pump out 630 hp for the base configuration or 725 hp with the optional setup. Further changes under the bonnet include an upgraded intercooler, cold air intake system and radiator. A 630 hp version uses a Borla cat-back exhaust, while 725 hp version uses a JBA unit.

Handling upgrades are simply Ford Racing suspension components with adjustable dampers, stiffer springs, thicker antiroll bars, a front strut tower brace and 20-inch Super Snake wheels with Pirelli P-Zero tyres. Baer six-piston front calipers with cross-drilled rotors are fitted at all four corners.

External features include a hood with a larger scoop and vents, striping decals, rear quarter window scoops, and carbon-fibre splitter and side sills. The interior features seat headrests with embroidered Shelby logos and carbon-fibre gauge faces.


Additionally, the Shelby SR package for the 2005-2009 Mustang GT pumps power up to 550 hp, with the help of a Ford Racing supercharger and Borla exhaust.

Handling mods include an Eibach suspension with coil-over shocks, struts, pro sway bars, bump-steer kit, improved lower control arm bushings and caster/camber plates, and a Watts Link suspension. Lighter 18-inch aluminium wheels come with 275/35 BF Goodrich R compound tyres. Brake involve Baer six-piston front and rear units.

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  1. the first pic luks like de mustang used in de knight rider series…

  2. cool cars,but how much?

  3. never got the whole point of mustang calling itself a snake or a cobra or whatever..a horse and a snake are totally different animals!

  4. I know its a cool name… but Any body knows whats does (Mustang) mean…? I ready wanna know… 😐

  5. Ford named the car after an american Fighter plane “mustang” but “mustang” also stands for Spanish wild horse.

  6. hey guys.. MUSTANG means “a wild horse” i think that name suits the vehicle. it has some crazy power under the hood! the Cobra or the Super snake.. Shelby has matered all mustangs!!!

  7. Wiki quote: The English word “mustang” comes from the Mexican Spanish word mestengo, derived from Spanish mesteño, meaning “stray livestock animal”.[2] The Spanish word in turn may possibly originate from the Latin expression animalia mixta (mixed beasts)…

    The origin of the Mustang name on the popular ponycar is debatable. The most well-known story is that its name came from the P51 Mustang WWII fighter plane, but in the original “Gone In 60 Seconds” movie DVD extras, Carroll Shelby said that the name came from a high school football team.

    noel, the first KR looked like the new KITT because it was the basis of the car. Very little things were changed to the KR to make it look different, unlike in the original series were Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams received interior and exterior changes. Thus showing the obvious Ford sponsoring even more.

  8. I feel camaro wud hav been better for KR, ford just wanted to showcase its cars rather than kitt showcasing its wonders. The Shelby no doubt is superb, but ford ruined KR with this gem of a car.

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