90 Degrees garage Watani workshop teaches boys auto mechanics

Young boys from the Watani summer camp dissected a car engine to learn how to identify and understand its component parts this week, in a specialized workshop led by Khalid Al Qaseer, owner of the 90 Degrees garage on Emirates Road in Dubai, UAE.

The three-day workshop, offered as part of the national identity programme’s summer camp, updated boys between the ages of 10 to 14 on the basics of auto mechanics, including how to fix minor faults, the difference between internal and external faults, when to change engine oil and safe driving skills.

Tamima Al Nayser, Head of Activities at Watani, said: “The boys were very excited about the workshop and it was amazing to see how much knowledge they already have about cars. We added this hands-on activity after receiving an enthusiastic response in the first two days of the workshop.”

Workshop participant Omar Al Zarouni, 11, said: “The workshop was awesome! I learned so many interesting and useful things that can help me later when I start driving. It also made me want to become a garage owner when I grow up.”

The Watani summer camp, which this year continues until mid-August, aims to develop children’s creativity and cultivate their sense of national identity to foster participation in society. The camp, held over an eight-week period, includes art, science, environment, culture and heritage activities as well as weekly religious and sports activities.

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