2010 Acura ZDX debuts for U.S. market

2010 Acura ZDX debuts for U.S. market

2010 Acura ZDX
Acura, Honda’s North American luxury brand, has launched the all-new 2010 Acura ZDX “four-door sports coupe,” after showing off a concept version a few months ago.

Taking a page from the BMW X6, the Japanese-American copycat will feature key design highlights such as a panoramic glass roof and hidden rear door handles.

The ZDX comes with a 3.7-litre V6 engine mated to an all-new paddle-shifted 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel-drive, generating 300 hp and 366 Nm of torque. Standard on the ZDX are 19-inch 7-spoke alloy wheels, which apparently are the largest wheels Honda has ever offered.

very ZDX interior will feature a hand-stitched leather dash, panels and sculpted center console. The ZDX can seat up to five adults with cargo space behind the second row of seats. The cargo area can also be expanded to accommodate longer objects, such as golf bags, by removing side panels in the cargo-compartment sidewalls. There is also an integrated under-floor storage area.

Like all Acura models, the ZDX will come generously equipped from the start. The panoramic glass roof with moveable sunshades, hand-stitched leather interior, Bluetooth connectivity, power tailgate, and a CD stereo with XM radio and a USB audio interface with iPod integration are all standard features.

The ZDX with Technology Package adds several features including a Navigation System with Voice Recognition, an Acura/ELS Surround premium audio system and a new multi-view rear camera. The Advance Package boasts additional customer enhancing technologies like a blind spot information system, a Collision Mitigating Braking System, and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).

The ZDX will go on sale in winter this year, and will be priced under the Acura RL flagship sedan in the United States. But while the RL is available in the GCC as the Honda Legend, there are no plans to offer the ZDX or any other Acura model in the UAE.

Incidentally, Honda’s new boss, Takanubo Ito, recently went on record saying that they don’t “need” V8 engines or rear-wheel-drive, and has proceeded to kill any such plans to concentrate on economical offerings. So much for Honda’s sporting heritage.

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  1. Hmm…I wish they’d launch Acura here…they have some interesting models that I’d like to see go head on with the infiniti and lexus….

  2. They’ve got interesting cars but most of their designs are soo angular!! its like angles everywhere!!

  3. I really can’t understand why we’re not having Acura cars here in GCC, even though the GCC market has a strong potential for it. Is the local not interested ?!! or is it the mother company ?!!! Dear Mash, kindly do us a favour and try to get an answer , and how can I get this car after it’s launched, and will the dealer provide it with maintenance and parts?
    Looking forward for your reply,
    Thanks and my best regards.

  4. Is the Local Dealer not interested?

  5. People!!!!! The local dealer WILL NOT be interested for sure, its Al Futtaim who is also a dealer of Lexus!! If honda is given to any other dealer besides Al Futtaim, then and only then Acura will be sold.

    This is a problem we are facing here, monopoly, same went with Jumaa Al Majid who did not release many Hyundai models or specs in favour of Kia, and same went also with Audi and VW!!!.

    So, its all about the greed of Al Futtaim, who I really hate.
    Have you ever been to any of Toyota showrooms here, they treat people like garbage and they are garbage. The guy won’t even look at me, he’ll just pretend he is busy with something. And you know what, some of their cars are being sold at least aed 25000 more than the omani market.

  6. Thank you Aws, I some how agree with the above, but the thing is that the Acuras are absent all over the GCC countries not only in the UAE were in other gulf states the dealers of Honda & Toyoto/Lexus may not necessary be the same like it is here with Al Futtaim. So this might be for political reasons of the mother company. Another thing is that there are examples of other dealers having more than one luxury brand and they are marketing those brands effectively, e.g Al Tayer motors having all Land Rover / Jaguar / Lincoln brands under 1 roof. If Al Futtaim launches Acura , He can still grab off the market shares of Infiniti, BMW, and others in the same category, not necessary only from Lexus.If & only If his Marketing team can position them effectively without overlapping them.
    Plz Mash come out with an offical reply. Regards

  7. Author

    Aws may be partially or fully right, but I will give my own theory.
    Launching a luxury brand from scratch costs a lot of money in marketing. Luxury buyers usually go for known brands BECAUSE of the brand’s history. It’s that reason why Infiniti is selling so low here. Yes, there is growth, but in a recent UAE survey, Infiniti placed lower than Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW and even that awful Audi in terms of brand perception. That’s why you see so few G35s on the streets. And no M35s at all. And why Hyundai didn’t launch a luxury brand for the Genesis.

  8. Thanks Mash for your reply 😛
    I agree with you Aws and mash, and that was exactly what Al Futtaim did. let us take a closer example. When Honda ‘ AL Futtaim ” launched last year the Honda Legend as a luxury brand, it was a complete failure because people’s perception of Honda is not as a Luxury brand like Mercedes, BMW, or even Lexus. However if the same Hoonda Legend Car was launched under a different name ,e.g Acura RL like in the US. It would have been sold alot much better than the catastrophic ineffective marketing of the Legend.And that proves your theory why Jummaa Al Majed doesnt want to fall in the same trap by launching the Genesis. What I really need to know is how to get that Acura, abroad or thru al Futtaim by making a special order, and if I got it will they provide maintenance and parts for it?
    Thanks again Mash and my best regards.

  9. Author

    You will likely not get parts for it from the dealer. I’ve had people tell me Nissan dealers even refuse to sell parts to those with American-import Muranos, by asking for registration card. Importing parts from USA on the net takes a couple of weeks to a month for delivery.

  10. This car is amazing… I wish Acura was here

  11. honda already considers itself to be premium brand these days.the price of their cars are at a long time high as well.besides their style cues for some cars seems to come from BMW. The Accord has styling cues from the BMW 5. Now this Acura ZDX looks similar to x6

  12. Happy 35th Birthday Mashfique…Hope you have a blast today…and congrats on your recent engagement. Is the wedding date fixed yet? Have a nice day.

  13. Author

    Who’s 35 and gettin’ married, b*tch?

  14. Mashling’s fiance bought him an Audi on his b’day yesterday and they split ever since.

  15. at least he got an audi… :mrgreen:

  16. Agree with Hany, perception is a huge factor. Hunda’s aren’t perceived as Luxury brands around the GCC… so those searching for luxury would opt for Merc, BM and Lexus.
    Moreover, some models are strictly for US and Canada like the Acura CSX. It does look rather similar to the civic though. I guess with some models it’s just another way to re-broush existing models and introduce them as new to the US & Canada.

    Bob Black,

  17. We have accura TL and wish to have this
    car if our dealer laucnh here in UAE

  18. Hi, i want to buy Acura ZDX 2010 in dubia uae.pls can you send me the addrees of the dealer in dubia

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