Audi A5 ranks as least reliable car in survey

Audi A5 ranks as least reliable car in survey

Here is one controversial story that has been largely buried by the automotive press. According to an article at, the UK’s most reliable new car is the European-spec Honda Accord, while the stylish Audi A5 is most likely to break down, according to the 2009 Which? car survey.


Not available in the GCC, the Euro Accord will also not get tempers flaring, as it scored an astounding 99% in the report on trouble-free motoring.

But while the muscular Audi A5 may have won praise for its looks and handling, it is also the most likely new car to leave its proud new owner posing by the roadside, scoring a low 76%. Incidentally, the German company is celebrating 100 years of automaking, largely promoting their motorsports victories rather than actual products.

The Which? survey rates new cars on users happiness, taking into account breakdowns, faults and even niggles, which are guaranteed to get the buyer of a new car cursing.

Japanese cars fared the best, with the sun-compact Honda Jazz coming second with 98% alongside the Daihatsu Sirion, also with 98%, followed by the new Hyundai i30.

The Which? survey was not good news for those who have opted for style and speed over a less inspiring dependability, with the A5 being joined by the Jaguar XF, at 78%, and the Alfa Romeo 159, at 79%, among the least reliable list. It seems to be proof that none of the usual suspects have cleaned up their act.

But the family-orientated European-spec Ford Galaxy minivan did squeeze into the unreliability stakes before the Jaguar and the Alfa, scoring a lowly 76%.

The biggest problem with new cars identified by the survey was electrical systems, which are supposedly meant to make cars more efficient, reliable and comfortable.

Most reliable new cars:

1 Honda Accord (2008-present) – 98.5%
2 Honda Jazz (2008-present) – 98.2%
3 Daihatsu Sirion (2005-present) – 97.5%
4 Hyundai i30 (2007-present) – 96.8%
5 Ford Fiesta (2008-present) – 96.2%
6 Honda Jazz (2002-2008) – 95.9%
7 Honda Civic Hybrid (2006-present) -95.7%
8 Citroën C1 (2005-present) – 95.7%
9 Toyota Prius (2004-present) – 95.0%
10 Mazda 3 (2004-2008) – 94.4%

Least reliable new cars:

1 Audi A5 (2007-present) – 75.8%
2 Ford Galaxy (2006-present) – 76.3%
3 Jaguar XF (2008-present) – 78.0%
4 Alfa Romeo 159 (2006-present) – 79.0%
5 Land Rover Discovery LR3 (2004-present) – 79.5%
6 Ford S-Max (2006-present) – 79.9%
6 Land Rover Freelander LR2 (2006-present) – 80.1%
8 Volvo XC90 (2002-present) – 80.6%
9 Jaguar S-Type (1999-2007) – 81.2%
10 Hyundai Santa Fe (2006-present) – 82.2%

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  1. hahaha audi sucks

  2. Well this survey is one survey which Audi wouldnt wanna see. Glad to see Accord is No 1 . The only toyota in the list in Prius , what happened to the rest of Toyota?

  3. hmmm…damn…guess you were always right Mash…bet you always wanted to hear that…LOL…but true…personal experince with Audi ain’t too good either…

  4. Ford Fiesta is reliable one bases I used the car 😉

    but ther weirdest car on the reliable list is the Citroën. Could be the C1 doesnt have the hydrualic thingy and complications

  5. For me, there’s nothing new to it.
    Japanese have been known to make reliable cars for years already, while “most” of the european cars are known to be less reliable than japanese, also, for years already. 🙂


  7. no doubt about it, I drove Toyota camry, Nissan Altima, But da handling which i get in Accord, I didnt get it other those 2 rivals. Forget about da acceleration, Altima Is much faster coz of its CVT engine, As far I know upcoming honda cars would be uploaded with CVT engine too. All cars are good in different aspects, But when it comes to reliability and handling then OFFCOURSE honda!!..

  8. welll…except for a few Civics and HR-V’s I haven’t seen any Honda breaking down..Accord owners are the happiest I’ve seen; only until they drop in the car for some parts change or service where they’ve 2 pay quite a fortune 😛 ..about Toyota, no wonder they din’t make it to the list for the quality of their car’s have now deteriorated to pathetic levels! and the SUV’s are priced at premium levels, so not many can buy it anyway!

    And i’m surprised to see the Santa-Fe up in the unreliable list – the 9 Santa-Fe owners I know have never had any sort of problems with their vehicles! or probably Europe gets a version diff in some aspect from that of GCC spec

  9. i find two land rovers in least reliable list
    i dont know wat happened to them

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