2010 Toyota Prado brochure leaked

2010 Toyota Prado brochure leaked

2010 Toyota Prado
To add to our excessive coverage of the most insignificant new 4×4 model that also happens to be the most anticipated in the GCC region, the Japanese brochure for the 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has been leaked onto the net.

The fuzzy booklet gives a good idea of the available options with the new 2010 Prado, although there are no engine details visible. One thing you can be sure about is that there won’t be any surprises when the all-new model finally does have an official launch. Considering shipments have already begun, that could be anytime now.

Read more about the 2010 Toyota Prado here.

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  1. interior is a huge huge disappointment. the exterior… well, it just is an embarrassment to the car and toyota themselves. only good thing about it are the colour options!

  2. but even after that, blind fans will just take it for the resale value. toyota need a new designer quick. i dont know if FJ cruiser was designed by someone else who isnt at toyota now but if it was someone else… GET HIM BACK!

  3. looks like a evolutionary change.. interior looks improved,

  4. Its not the car…its the brochure thats is sh…t ugly. To beat Prado..you have to make something as good as it is..for similar price. I mean from every aspect.

  5. Toyota has not been paying any attention for the design whether on the interior or exterior levels, the problem now is that the world has changed, we are living in the capitalism world and nobody is buying anything for cash like before (15-20) years ago, and that is the period when toyota gained its reputation for reliability. now, when somebody thinks about buying a car, first he will be looking for a good looking car and reliabilioty comes 2nd or 3rd, let us be honest, cars are being considered now like cell phones, nobody keeps his car for more than 4 to 5 years, and by the time he finishes the bank installments, the car will worth nothing, they say toyota has the best resell value, what value are you talking about, if I buy a camry for 110 000 dhs (with the bank interest) and sell it after 4 or 5 years with 25000 dhs, what resell value are you talking about? during these 5 years, forget about the installments, I paid more money for the insurance than 25 000 dhs. to make long story short, toyota needs to review its designs ASAP, otherwise nobody will be buying toyotas soon, if we compare all toyota cars with its competeters in the same segment, we will find that all other cars are more appealing, let us start from the Yaris, the new Hondas Jazz and city are much more beautiful than it, for the Corolla, it is even unfair to copare with the civic which has been in producton for 4 years now, but still the civic is more appealing than the new corolla, for the camry, both the Altima and accord are more beautiful than it, that is not to mention some other nice priced european and american cars like the new mondeo and even the Sonata is now representing a good value for money deal. I dont want to talk about the avalon as it reminds me with my wedding day (My son is now has finished KG 2 and in grade 1 at school) it has been in production for 6 years with the same shape and they consider it the flagship of the company (For God Sake) of course Im not talking about lexus here, I mean only toyota.

  6. to samer: you are a brilliant man i liked the way u r thinking, im totally with u…

  7. yea me too. Toyotas just dont appeal to me anymore.I’ll be buying the sonata or 2010 tucson soon…

  8. Very hard to tell what this vehicle is really like just by viewing the brochure. Need to sit in one. Although its difficult to top the 2008 grande.

  9. I agree with samir and others that Toyota dont care any more about customers esp in UAE and Saudi Arabia. I was making my mind first time this year to buy new prado 2010 after buying for many years Honda Accord but I was extremely upset to see the new prado. This looks trash for me I would not buy it and would go for another good looking brand or Honda. I dont know what these Toyota Dealers are doing in Middle East and Saudi arabia they probably dont have Quality Department to give feedback to Toyota Japan to improve Design for the New Prado. This new prado looks like “scooby-Doo” shape. Total disappointment from Toyota. I appeal to all not to buy this new prado. Another thing I noticed in Toyota Models is their body they are not strong like Honda Cars. They need to improve in design and safety. Lastly I appeal to Toyota Motor Corporation to recall this new prado and make another design for 2010.

  10. lolz @ mohammad khan’s “Appeals” 😉

  11. i am quite affirmative as long as what Mr. Barx is concerned however there is no comparision with Sonata “( hyundai product) with any of the toyota line of product. i was expecting Prado much better then what it looks in a brochure but opinion can only establish once can see the real one. i hope that in 2010 model toyota must have provided in the last 2 seats with more leg space as in all previous models there were no space enough even for kids.

  12. Not sure about the comments. For me the Toyota pedegriee is worth more. toyota produce Good 4WD, Not really worried about about the looks, I just need a vehicle that will get me home

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