Dubai Metro train official RTA guide

Dubai Metro train official RTA guide

The official Dubai Metro guide is now online. It gives an overview of the RTA’s train system that will become an integral part of the city’s public transport system.

The RTA guide gives an overview of the train station locations on the Red Line and the Green Line, as well as details on the NOL card and ticket system. Around 10 stations are set to open in September 2009, with the rest opening in February 2010.

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  1. I hate to be a pessimist but I think this will be a total failure 🙁

  2. can u provide the link for the online guide of metro???????

  3. ok sorry i just saw it above, after upgrading my adobe flash player… thanks!!

  4. Author

    Yep, requires Adobe Flash for viewing.

  5. I’ll be using it but then I’m no rich guy driving a Porsche. They’ll have a hard time getting those type of people out of their comfy cars…

    The tube is fantastic in London, if the metro is half as capable than thatwould be great, but it’ll need to be supported by the bus transport system which honestly is still quite bad right now….

  6. have you tried it? the new buses?

  7. The buses are nice. But I don’t appreciate the fact that I have to wait for 1 hour for a bus to come and when it comes, three decide to come together….

  8. that situation of three buses at same time has been happening since the bus transport system started here some 20years ago sad they hav’nt introduced a remedy for that till now

  9. i would like to congratulate the Dubai government for this historical milestone. however, authorities should make all efforts to improve the quality of service for the buses. i am always a victim of missing trips, specifically on bus #44. the worst so far was 2 missing trips, as i waited inside the overcrowded bus stop (thanks for the AC, but not all have) for an hour, no single bus arrived, only to see two units of #44 bus in convoy at the opposite side of the road.

    i just hope that that this situation is not just taken for grated by the authorities.

  10. Like to joind the metro for a customer service job, Please reply

    shane zieglaar dubai

  11. Like to join the company if there is any vacant position in the customer service…

    Thank you and best regards

  12. i want to join in your company if there is any vacant position specially in bus driver..i love rta.

  13. i appreciate this system

  14. The rail system works like a dream – cheap, efficient, clean, safe and fast.

    Informative next station and train announcements are done in Arabic and in English.

    Buying a day pass worked best for me, allowing me to explore Dubai quite a bit in the two days spare I had there.

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