Hyundai Sonata 2010-2011 ready to break cover

Hyundai Sonata 2010-2011 ready to break cover

2010 Hyundai Sonata
Normally we do not bother with teasers, but these ones for the 2010-2011 Hyundai Sonata reveal enough to prove that the Korean carmaker is going to have sleekest midsize sedan ever in this conservative segment.

Seemingly following the “four-door coupe” design philosophy, the growing automaker seems to have done it better than the likes of the VW Passat CC and the Audi A5 Sportbutt.

This is one reveal that is going to define the next generation of midsize sedans, when the Japanese companies start copying Hyundai’s idea of bringing evocative styling to the economy market.

The Korean debut is next week, while the UAE release of the GCC version may be as far away as early 2010.

What do you think?



  1. OMG!!! the front is just overdone! I’ll go with the 2011 optima rather than this freak-face… Kia’s new ex-audi designer is much more sensible with his designs!

  2. The front is indeed a little over done…but I like the idea of it, just wondering how bad this would look in a basic options version….

  3. I feel its its an outstanding effort by Hyundai. it looks sleek,big & much better design considering the present camrys & accords. Hope it does well now.

  4. maybe its the way the front shot is taken and those ceiling lights that are giving too much emphasis on the lines. maybe it’ll look better in real, but I’m more than happy with the side profile. tail lights look good too. still… I wanna see the car in person. especially the front

  5. Audi A5 sportbutt! 😆

  6. the front camera shot provides a concave image, which makes the car look round and ugly..

  7. Whatever it is.. i think Hyundai will have the last laugh.

  8. Considering that the world auto makers are saying their prayers… Hyundai seems to be bringing it on!

    If only they could get rid of their crappy korean legacy…

    This one looks like a Merc CLS + Accord…

  9. dunno bout accord but it does have a mercedes-esque look to it but not in a copy cat way. it looks distinguishable.

  10. Hyundai-Kia group is the future. I am a Japanese car fan (especially Lexus, Infinity and the Hond), but i have to admit the great progress in terms of design & quality the Korean giants are introducing…
    Really lovely car.. like it, plus check the Tucson IX….

  11. u know, in 24 hrs, I’m used to the design. dont think its so bad. something i still cant say for camry or corolla or any toy… i better not get started with this. might just end being a huge unnecessary comment.

  12. and also, the hybrid 2011 sonata was spotted in DUbai heat testing. so its possible tht UAE, will be getting the hybrid variant of sonata. the 2011 optima will also have a hybrid variant.

  13. Iam speechless!! 😯 Looks like Hyundai-Kia is gon’ kill ’em all and conquer the market!!!

  14. new info! its going to be AWD!!! the next optima as well. Way to go HKAG!!

  15. Author

    AWD will likely be an option, and it definitely wont come here. Neither will any hybrids. I spoke to Kia’s local reps and have figured out their short-term plans.

  16. i wish arabian automobiles was reselling HKAG here…

  17. Simply outstanding futuristic looking mode !!

  18. amazzzinnnnggg design! its no less dan awesum! but the front is over done!!

  19. if you see the car in real world pix, you may not feel its over done.

  20. ^ did u see it in reality?

  21. no.
    i said real world PIX (contrary to official, digitally over-enhanced pix) not that i saw it in real life.
    it looked pretty good without the un needed enhancements.

  22. cant say its over enhanced but its part of its styling,check the below link. Going by the looks its good.The interior some how reminds of the Infiniti & new maxima.

  23. Simply and purely awesome, futuristic, ravishing aesthetics. ’nuff said.

  24. i really think it looks better in un-enhanced pix. cant say that for many cars.
    here’s a vid of its launch (un-enhanced lol :P)
    and the dash controls design is a mix of infiniti and volvo for sure.

  25. a korean CLS

    atleast they r trying to improve their car designs unlike toyota.

    hats off !!! zekzee dezine 😉

  26. I just loved it…amazing looks exteriors + interiors…:)

  27. Please send me a brochure of Hyundai Sonata

  28. Very good looks like mercedez bemz

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