Lamborghini Reventon Roadster officially debuts

Lamborghini Reventon Roadster officially debuts

Lamborghini Reventon Roadster
Lamborghini has unveiled the Reventón Roadster, the drop-top version of their ultra-exclusive supercar.

The Reventon Roadster is powered by a 6.5-litre V12 engine generating 670 hp, catapulting the Lamborghini from zero to 100 kph in 3.4 seconds and on to a top speed of 330 kph.

The open-top Reventón is one of the most exclusive cars in the world. Less than 20 Lamborghini “friends” and “collectors” will be allowed to buy this car. Each Reventón Roadster will be sold for 1.1 Million Euros, with deliveries starting in October 2009.

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  1. it looks really sexy…but am not plannig to buy one, since i dont know where to park it 😉 lol

  2. the reventon was and still is my fave lambo. And yes, this is even better. seems like the only way to make the best, even better is by chopping its roof off. Kia (soul >>> soulster) and Fiat (500 >>> 500 convertible) and many more.

  3. a criminal waste i say…until i get one for myself..hehe 😉

  4. love this hot lambo…

  5. It’s look like batmans car =] or F22

    brilliant car

  6. aaamohamed – You douchebag, the only reason you’re not planning on buying one, is cause you cant afford one. And even if you did buy one…trust me, parking wouldnt be an issue.

    BJD (Boris) – You say to make things better is to chop off the roof? Well maybe i should chope your head off, hopefully then you’d get a little smarter you poser.

  7. Sure looks like a batmobile… & somehow reminds me of the old boxy countach… SWEET!!

  8. sheldon’s wrath: you must be some guy in the low teens or if not, you sure act like one. or maybe someone just trying to pick a fight somewhere on the net. the chopping off the roof coment was not a negative remark. A car does get better once it a convertible or open top.

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