Jaguar XF 2010 released in UAE & GCC

Jaguar XF 2010 released in UAE & GCC

Jaguar XFR
Jaguar has released the upgraded 2010 XF in the UAE. While the model looks the same, the real news is under the bonnet, as the V8 versions get larger engines, and there is also a new XFR model.

The 2010 XF is offered with two all-new AJ-V8 Gen III engines and the existing 3.0-litre V6. The new 5.0-litre V8 engines, one naturally-aspirated with 385 hp and the other supercharged with 470 hp, replace the old 4.2-litre units, but offering more power and better fuel economy. The addition of the Portfolio model offers customisation options.

The all-new XFR is now the top model, with sporting pretensions and a unique exterior. Powered by the new supercharged 510 hp 5.0-litre engine, the XFR can do the 0-100 kph sprint in 4.9 seconds.

The XF range features new technology such as an electronically controlled rear differential and adaptive variable suspension.

For further updates and prices for the GCC version, visit the Jaguar XF buyer guide.

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  1. the car from outside looks good..but the interior is a typical one…as any other one..
    thanks for the info

  2. interior is acceptable. exterior: still looks appealing.

  3. i wana ask the community members and mashfique a question, that do u think jaguar is reasonable in maintenance as compared to BMW or MERC. or INFINITY (in parts and labour cost)? and hows the reputation of dealers in dubai? and their after sales services??? as i am having a 2007 x-type at good price from a personal seller. so i need a community advice for jag’s reputation ova here…..guys help me out with ur personal experiences.

  4. Author

    An ’07 X-Type came with free 3-year servicing I believe. Before that, it cost Dhs 11,000 for a 3-year service contract.

  5. Again English cars failing interms of design, especially interiors.. Too bad, cuz they used to have more gorgeous cars in the past..

  6. hi mashfique….i was searching for an x-type review on this site but i couldnt find…so telme what are the possible defects that could appear in that particular car, within 2 years of running? and is there any manufacturing defect which needs to be considered b4 making the decision? does jag dealers rip off the pockets or not?

  7. reputation of dealer is imp for me for the long run..coz il not change the car for next three years. and i guess the dealers service contract will not cover spare parts or wear and tear products like brake pads, fan belts, etc. which il have to pay for.

  8. Author
  9. WOW man therez a long list of defects associated with it…failing of automatic gearbox(i can imagine the cost of replacing a jag’s gear box), whining from steering rack, a/c problems(could be compressor i guess), broken seat runners(results fatal in an accident if seat is not fixed), broken trunk-lid release(pain in a** when every time have to go out and open up the trunk with the key).

  10. Thats why you dont buy a car from a desperate carmaker..

  11. cool car but i prefer CTS-V;da fastest 4 door sedan in the world

  12. I bought a black Jaguar 2010 XF V8 (Chassis Number: SAJAA07F1ALR49036) from Al Tayer branch in Dubai recently. I was overwhelmed with excitement along with my family when suddenly my brother noticed that the color in the left/front door (passenger side) is of different color. It is a little bit dark green rather than black , which annoys me realizing that its cost me more than a $100,000 and to think that it is unexpected of JAGUAR, a very famous and elegant brand of European car, to sell cars to its patrons without even passing the quality control.

    Aside from this, there was a noisy sound in the brake pads whenever i hit it and again DSC alert comes out in the screen twice. It goes off whenever I switched off and on the engine.

    I am so disappointed about this matter and very regretful purchasing from a high end car maker and I guess if I went for Honda or Toyota would be much better for me because I never heard from my friends nor family that they had problem with their economy cars.

    I returned to Al Tayer and they told me they want to paint that door again. I REFUSED since the car did not even reached 1000 KM and cause its just less than a month since its been purchased so they MUST replace the entire door and they agreed with that.

    However, I feel so bad spending this amount of money on such a car like that.

    “That’s the Jaugar 2010 !!!”

    ” anyone want more details send me an email to [email protected]

  13. If you think about it… Today, all cars r the same… Built on the same standards and share alot of components… Cars arent built the way they used to be built in the past.. They have become more commercialzied.. Sorry to hear that but i believe they should get the door covered at their own expense.

  14. Finally i got new car ROJ. this time i choosed white color.

    you are right on what you saying ROJ but i still believe the main problem is when they ship the car(cargo). Possibility to get any hits

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