Nissan 370Z coupe available in UAE & GCC

Nissan 370Z coupe available in UAE & GCC

2010 Nissan 370Z 1
We are getting reports from various readers that the all-new 2010 Nissan 370Z coupe is available in some showrooms around the UAE and other GCC countries.

From an official standpoint, we haven’t heard a word from Nissan Middle East about this, although we did come across a half-baked “viral” video for the car that isn’t spreading at all.

The Nissan 370Z is powered by a 3.7-litre V6, good for 330 hp at 7000 rpm and 366 Nm of torque at 5200 rpm. Gearbox choices include a 6-speed manual with rev-matching functionality and a 7-speed automatic with manual paddle-shifting. The car is capable of 0-100 kph in 5.3 seconds, on to a limited top speed of 250 kph.

I was actually invited to drive the car twice, first in France and then in Qatar, but I was blocked from the French trip by the French embassy retarded procedures, and I rejected the Qatari trip to gain back the time I wasted trying to go on the first trip.

Reviews suggest that the 370Z is as good as a Porsche Boxster, which would generally be great news for enthusiasts on a budget. However, our readers are reporting that the 370Z coupe has been put on sale in regional showrooms for between Dhs 192,000 and Dhs 198,000, at about the same price as a Porsche Boxster, which makes it a whopping 40% more than the car’s price in the United States. If true, it looks like the local dealers have pulled the same mark-up scheme that made the GT-R as expensive as a 911 Turbo in the UAE.

Keep track of the latest prices in the Nissan 370Z buyer guide.

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  1. Why do GCC showrooms do this? Several japanese cars are advertised as affordable in the USA but when they’re brought here, they’re similar in price to the equivalent german cars :S

  2. Because the GCC has a large proportion of people who are both dumb and rich (or became rich by doing nothing much, so they dont feel bad spending more for lesser spec cars)

  3. It not about dumb or rich but mostly it the market.

    Here we know that you going to wake up and still have you job even for many exptrates.

    But car prices have reduced abit these year and if Nissan and Toyota doesnt give offers now it will reduce it price later.

  4. BTW: those prices for sure will go down…the same as what happened with the GTR…its just the first bunch of cars that has those stupid prices..but if no one is going to buy then the prices will go down, and am sure this will happen..will add a thread in the forum showing a special Z in one of the showrooms in AD (Al Masood dealer)..hope they will bring the nismo here too..

  5. They are selling for an extremely suicidal price tag of some AED 190K… It is sold for much cheaper outside.. Too much for such a car as many people would opt for a luxury brand with such price… Yet it is a worthy sports car..

  6. The prices here are stupid for all cars catogories not only sport, all japanese cars except mitsubishi are stupidly priced, the 4cl full options honda accord will be the same in price with the same year model of used lexus is which has only 10000 kms on the meter, which one would you choose, I would say if the japs keep their prices like these within one to two years their sales we go back greatly and people will start to find other choices, for me, I bought Hyundai Santa Fe 2009 (option2) with 82k, it has almost everything, sunroof, 18″ alloy wheels, cd player with mp3, cruise control, audio control on the steering wheel, it only lacks leather seats. Im not saying it is the greatest car in the world but it is very good value for money, maybe I forgot to say it is a V6 engine, what would I get for 84k now from the jap cars? basic models of camry or accord that dont even have fog lights? dont talk about resell value because if you use the car for 4 years in this country the meter will not read less than 150 to 200 thousand kilometers and the car will be like crap and nobody would buy it for more than 20 to 25k (you already spent more than that on service and insurance) and if you talk about reliability, for God sake, even if you bring brand new Malaysian car it will run at least for 2-3 years without problems, besides that, is their anybody now who thinks about keeping his car for more than 4-5 years?

  7. I dont like leather seats. they really take in alot of heat! and well ppl do keep the car for more than 5 years. but i prefer replacing cars at 3-4 years. how long is hyundai’s warranty?

  8. The wisest investment is buying a new car, keeping it for a decade, properly servicing it.. People here r delusional; they think after 5 years they should let off their car cuz they assume it will cost them more to fix or breakdown more often but actually after 5 years it will cost them less cuz they finished the bank loans & all is left is the maintenance costs.. Cars will cause problems unless they r properly maintained..

    Id go for a well maintained/clean 2nd hand car over all the current brand new overpriced cars old at the dealerships nowadays.. Will cost me much less on a long run..

    Another issue is the lack of competence of the dealerships here..

  9. my santa fe has 100000 kms or 3 years warranty which ever comes first, and I would say to my friend ROJ that I totally agree with him, now you can get used cars in VGC with very reasonable prices, for example, I got infiniti G35 2008 pearl white with only 11000 kms milage with 92k, is it logical to leave it and go to buy an accord No1 spec (4cyl) with over 100k? of course not, there is no comarison between the 2 cars, or should I go for the camry SE with around 95k, only if I was crazy.

  10. Best investment is to buy a car & keep it as long as it serves u well… keeping a new car for 10-15 years is ordinary but not usual in this part of the world..

  11. eazy_mas, it is definitely about people being dumb and rich, which is reflected in the market. If people were smarter they would refuse to pay a premium for specs which are so bad that they aren’t even offered in other markets! Why do we get so stripped down versions of the Mazda3 for e.g.?

    Too many people here buy a car based on distorted factors like “resale value”. i.e. they pay 20% more for a car to get 5% more on resale value 6 years down the lnelater.

  12. for 195k the 370z is way overpriced, i got a 2009 g37s coupe with the 7 speed auto for 192k including insurance!

  13. ^ yes… unfortunately…

    Cars r tax free & bank loans r easy here… Makes dreams of many people come true, rich or poor… But people just got used to the luxury life here, as in I would pay more & get something new & fresh & wont let me down with breakdowns & such…

    This is bliss u cannot find in other places, Thank You God!! everybody has the choice to invest wisely or enjoy life & i have to say there r alot of temptations here..

    Which leads to well abused & poorly maintained cars used car market cuz people enjoy it to the limit & some avoid servicing cuz they r busy spending on bank loans.. This is another thing about buying a used car here so care & lots of care is needed…

  14. Easy money… hopefully not anymore… in any case, I dont mind rich people paying for my car’s first two years of depreciation 😉

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