Toyota Prado 3-door 2010 surfaces

Toyota Prado 3-door 2010 surfaces

While the 2010 Toyota Prado has officially been launched in Europe and Australia, the UAE and other GCC countries will have to wait for a month or two for its local debut. Meanwhile, the new 3-door version of the Prado has surfaced in some promotional Toyota footage.


The boring video, pointed out by reader Akif, shows the 5-door and the 3-door Prado trundling around European roads. The short-wheelbase version of the redesigned 4×4 looks just as expected.


So far, engine details still remain sketchy beyond the 3.0-litre diesel that will serve Western markets. It is expected that the GCC version will get a 2.7-litre inline-4 and a 4.0-litre V6 again.

What do you think?



  1. with all my respect for toyota owners or those planning to buy one…this is ugly on wheels…it doesnt have any view where i can say it looks fine…what happened with the design department in toyota..
    the old model looks way better than this ugly one.

    the steering wheel coped from other models. the separation between the navy screen and the lower part of the center console and the buttons there is a very bad idea, and looks so old. the old model has the best interier design i’ve ever seen.

  2. I cant express enough how much I am hating this toyota. Its the worst attempt by toyota ever! very ugly!

  3. @ Mash… >:o) TRUE.. Boring Long Video it sure is but I think you might agree with me when I say that it does give a better idea of the looks of the vehicle on road.

  4. The did good with this design with the Camry and the LS but trying to do it on every model doesnt work as it looks

  5. I read a comment in the site a while ago and I realy liked it, somebody said that it seems that toyota’s designers died in 2006 as toyota never produced a good looking car since then. what toyota has been doing is like giving steroids injections to its old models and the result is we getting mal shaped and deformed cars. sorry toyota but by that you are screwing yourself.

  6. but the 4runner look so much better! this either means toyota is doing something about it now or they hate us on this side of the atlantic!

  7. Ugly…ugly…ugly…

  8. Thats a major improvement from the older version!.. Well Done Toyota, your one step ahead!

  9. I have seen good looking models in the US; Highlander, 4Runner, why don’t we get those in this part of the world???

  10. Mosi, do’nt be disheartened by the thumbs down against your positive comment on the Prado… There are Toyota Haters on the loose … majority of which are Kia Fans 😉

  11. I am goin 2 buy it in jan. 2010

  12. Guys Toyota will beat the shit out of any other SUV. Kia is not even a poor cousin

  13. Just bought a brand NEW Toyota Prado 3dr….fantastic…who are these wankers on this site….come on get a life….this is a serious vehicle with a serious pedigre…if you own a Kia or a Nissan or a Mitsubushi or even an Isuzu I feel sorry for you…grow up and applaud quality.

  14. Toyota > Nissan > Mitsubishi > Hyundai > Isuzu > Shit > Kia

  15. underpowered…. my first prado was black gx 2004 model..

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