Range Rover 2010 gets Overfinch treatment

Range Rover 2010 gets Overfinch treatment

2010 Range Rover Overfinch
Holland & Holland, makers of “the world’s finest sporting guns” and Overfinch, makers of tuner Range Rovers, have joined forces to create the ultimate luxury off-roader for drunk hunters. The Holland & Holland Range Rover is “a quintessentially English take on motoring luxury,” with interior fittings to store wine bottles and hunting rifles.

Based on either the 5.0-litre 510 hp supercharged V8 or the Euro-spec turbodiesel V8 versions of the redesigned 2010 Range Rover, the Holland & Holland Overfinch features a raft of “enhancements.”

Overfinch offers a body kit and 20-inch wheels to dress up the exterior. Overfinch’s craftsmen take 130 man hours to paint and hand-polish the car. Larger 22-inchers and two-tone paint are optional.

2010 Range Rover Overfinch

But it is on the inside that the designers have gone extravagant. Eight of Europe’s finest hides, of a grade so fine it is only normally used in private jets, dyed in seven exclusive tones, are used to create the cabin upholstery. A unique trim style covers the seats, doors, upper and lower dash board, centre and rear consoles and even the cubby box lid. It takes over 150 man hours just to trim the car. If the optional aviation-style quilted leather or Alcantara headlining is selected, it takes even longer.

A thirty-one piece wood veneer kit blends seamlessly into the design of the rest of the car, including that of the gun cabinet and rear console. There is the choice of Olive Ash Gloss, European Burr Walnut with special diamond pattern inlay, Matt Gunstock Walnut and Piano Black Lacquer with silver inlays.

Only one hundred Holland & Holland Overfinches will be produced each year, and every one will be fitted with a special “shotgun-grade” steel plaque, which features Holland & Holland’s trademark diamond inserts and “Royal” scroll engraving, hand-made by Holland & Holland’s craftsmen at their Harrow Road factory.

All Holland & Holland Overfinch vehicles will be strict four-seaters as the cars feature a unique centre console, which fits between the individual rear seats. Hand-veneered to match the rest of the car, it has an integrated refrigerator at floor level, large enough for a couple of full size bottles, which can be cold enough to hold an ice bucket. It also has a storage compartment, which could contain controls for the rear entertainment, a power inverter for a laptop and a Holland & Holland game book as well as Holland & Holland crystal tumblers and champagne flutes.

In the boot is a bespoke gun cabinet, hand-crafted in veneers to match the woodwork across the rest of the interior. Although it is itself removable for when more luggage carrying capacity is required, it is locked to the boot floor for security and safety. It has three drawers, fitted to carry eight further matching Holland & Holland crystal tumblers and flutes, customers’ own shotguns, a cleaning kit for them as well as cartridges and the bag in which to carry them. Additional drawers are available with alternative interiors so that, between the end of one shooting season and the beginning of the next, it can serve whatever purpose the vehicle’s snooty owner requires.

Contained within both the gun cabinet and the refrigerator in the centre console is room for six bottles and it is for these that the car will feature the world’s first self-replenishing cocktail cabinet. All cars sold in Europe will arrive from the factory ull of Pol Roger Champagne, The Balvenie single malt whisky, Hendrick’s single batch gin, Ivan the Terrible luxury vodka and Willow Spring Water from the Lake District. During the first year regular refills will be dispatched to the owners of the car to make sure that its passengers don’t go thirsty or sober.

While the wine-and-guns Overfinch won’t make it to the UAE, since both are thankfully restricted here, the regular 2010 Range Rover will hit GCC showrooms this winter.

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  1. NO comments… are they eyeing to be SUV rolls Royce

  2. Wood lots of wood!! like that..

  3. According to a review in TOP Gear. This SUV has an engine of Corvette.

  4. ^ u need it if ur a drunk hunter…

  5. @ Ali

    no, it doesn’t. 🙂

  6. Yeah ROJ.. i agree.. always loved this tone of wood….

  7. The knew rover looks like a mansion on wheels. just a tip coming from a young mother of four, I wouldn’t make the purchase because there wouldn’t be enough room for the whole family. Now if Land Rover would create A classic third row I would totally talk my husband into buying me one. REED ROVER

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