Volvo Cars Middle East launches new road safety initiative in UAE

“Cars are driven by people – therefore the guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo is and must remain safety.” Founders Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson said this in Volvo’s childhood, and it still stands. Today, following this safety heritage, Volvo Cars Middle East launches “All Those Left Behind” – an initiative across the UAE which will ultimately expand to the region, with the aim to raise awareness and reduce car related fatalities.

The campaign explores the experience of loss felt by a victim’s loved ones when this kind of tragedy occurs. While seeking to reduce car-related fatalities, Volvo hopes to reinforce the importance of road safety and encourage drivers to think about others when they get behind the wheel.

The initiative’s first step will be gathering stories from the general public. Volvo has launched a site for this purpose – By sharing their stories, people will be empowered to promote responsible driving in their community, while cherishing the memory of a loved one. Moreover, the site will provide comfort to those who have experienced this kind of loss.

In October, 2009, these heartfelt stories will be published on a dedicated site, and will spread across all medium. The campaign will spread the message nation-wide: Drive Safely.

Volvo plans to reach out to drivers even further with a series of safety activities for the public with the help of partners such as EDI (Emirates Driving Institute) and MENARSP; the Middle East and North Africa Road Safety Partnership is a collaboration of governments, businesses, and civil society organizations that supports projects that reduce the burden of road traffic crashes.

Roula Beiruty, Marketing Manager for Volvo Cars Middle East said: “According to Abu Dhabi Police, in 2008, 2957 accidents took place in Abu Dhabi alone, resulting in 376 deaths and the injury of 4603 people. Thefore as one of the leaders in road safety, Volvo Cars Middle East has undertaken a major investment in this campaign in order to reach people’s hearts and minds to achieve pro-active and positive change while creating safer roads.”

Beiruty adds, “This is not just another road safety campaign with facts and figures. This is as much an emotional initiative as it is rational and that reflects the strong family values of our community”.

With public concern growing daily about road safety, “All Those Left Behind” campaign comes at the perfect time.

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