Kia Cadenza 2011 coming to UAE, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia

Kia Cadenza 2011 coming to UAE, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia

2011 Kia Cadenza
Kia has announced that their all-new luxury sedan will be called the Cadenza. The full-size sedan will replace the Kia Opirus.

The 2011 Kia Cadenza features headlights with LED surrounds, while gaining the Korean manufacturer’s latest corporate grille. Kia claims the interior will feature a ‘floating’ dashboard, and a welcome system to turn on the exterior puddle and interior lights to ‘greet’ the car owner, while the interior mood lighting strip, which runs along the dashboard to the door trim, creates a “warm atmosphere within the vehicle.” Other features will include a heated steering wheel, powered extendable seat cushions for extra thigh support, automatic defogging of the windshield, and ventilated front seats.

The debut engine choice has been announced as being a 286 hp 3.5-litre V6 with a 6-speed automatic.

Kia has already announced that the car will make its GCC debut at auto shows in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, including the 2009 Dubai Motor Show.

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  1. nice looking car…

  2. Is it jus me who feels there is a touch of BMW in this car??? the headlights…esp the 3rd pic..

  3. Well, Juma Al Majid had a big failure trying to find a market for Hyundai Genesis.
    Do u think they can market this KIA in this region?!
    I vividly remember what Mash repeatedly said about coming up with a new brand name for their luxury cars, like Lexus, Infinity and Accura. And I just find it to be true.

  4. Author

    If it’s over Dhs 100k, then good luck.

  5. I’ll call it Cadbury lol!

  6. seeing the marketing done for the soul, mohave and genesis, I highly doubt they’ll sell this…

  7. Yeah, Where are the Mohaves ? hahahaha It was so promising at the start, but no one bought it I guess.

  8. When is the motor show exactly?

  9. Hyundai: The newest U.S. auto power
    Check this article on CNN Money about how fast Hyundai-Kia is growing in the U.S. At the bottom of the article, all experts advise Hyundai to come up with a luxury brand.

  10. HKAG posted a 40 percent increase in global sales for september. and this increase started more or less after the launch of SOul and forte (cerato) and its koup variant.

  11. good progress by KIA!!!

  12. Brand matters, I personally think ppl wont buy this car even by knowing tht it might has more appealing looks than Altima, Accord or Camry. Because some ppl cannot say tht i own a KIA, they would feel more good if they say we own a camry, accord or altima.

  13. I guess this should compete well with the ES350,..

  14. Kia and Hyundai have largely improved on time and their cars are nicely priced and reliable as much as japanese cars are and thats what i need when im looking for a budget car..

  15. Is this the car?..

    The one that’s based on the VG concept to compete against its bigger brother’s Azera or Grandeur?..

    I actually like this car..

    Kia is on the right path I believe..
    (except for in DUBAI where it may well take upto 10-15 years before people start realizing that realistically cars are meant for transport and not showing how much petrol it can burn on sheikh zayed road..)

    Only if they did something about that marque..

    maybe something with only a ‘K’?..;)

  16. Al Majid Motors needs to get creative with their marketing. these cars are really worth buying and Al majid should not hold back from attracting those who will.

  17. Completely agree with you Boris..

    I mean.. If you are going to spend all that money to import the cars..

    why not try and sell them for a change?..

    It’s like wendy’s..

    All the burgers and fries are on the shelves..
    but no-ones buying them..

  18. I really do hope that this car does well in the GCC and the Americas..

    But with my fingers crossed, I fear that it will only imitate the failure of the Genesis..

    With taxes decreasing.. Buyers themselves are opting for the German and Japanese brands within Korea..

    Apart from the fact that the Sonata has been the people’s car for the last billion & a half years..

    And since MOST Koreans seem to beleive that only the badge of a car is of any relevance..

    The up and coming younger generation who fill in the middle to upper class in Korea seem to only go for, at least, the Hyundai Azera and upwards.. genesis, equus, Ssangyong chairman, RenaultSamsung SM7 and so on..

    With Kia’s rep in their mother country being so bad in terms of good looking and flashy sedans, coupled with terribly low sales..

    Unless the K7 revives Kia, their future do not look so bright and dandy..

    And for their $450 million investment over the last five years?..
    Would have just been a complete waste..

  19. actually their doing a lot better than you seem to think. I mean, in US and europe. More and US and thats largely due to the Kia Soul. their profits sky rocketing in the past few months. there is a thread on how well Kia is doing. its in the forums.

  20. Thanks for the notification of the thread..

    But I think you know that I was actually referring to Kia’s largest market..
    South Korea..

    If sales in their most important market deteriorates..

    You know the rest..

  21. it is so and so

  22. it is bad shape.

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