2009 Tokyo Auto Show: Photo coverage

2009 Tokyo Auto Show: Photo coverage

Concept Mazda Kiyora
You can always trust the Tokyo Auto Show to have the most intriguing and the most wacky concepts. The 2009 edition of the show is no different. This is one event where the concepts outnumber the production car launches. However, this year’s show is a bit muted due to various automakers pulling out, blaming the recession rather than poor management. Many of the concepts are hybrids or zero-emission vehicles, affirming the green slant of the show.

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  1. hmm, not many interesting cars here. that ferrari-like car look good and the Lexus LFA also. Toyota FT-86 looks good too and its going to be there in GT5.

  2. the mazda concept looks really nice
    i am eagerly waiting for ft-86 to release

  3. honda cr-z look nice…

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