Land Rover LR4 2010 reaches the UAE

Land Rover LR4 2010 reaches the UAE

Hell will freeze over before Land Rover’s marketing people will invite me to a launch event, even if it is held in Dubai and will cost them nothing extra. It seems there was a media event to introduce the 2010 Land Rover LR4 in the UAE, with easy offroad courses set up to exaggerate the aging 4×4’s sand abilities.

Journalists from publications as esteemed as AMEInfo and AutoTrader were invited, including their photographers and cameramen. Heck, even AutoMiddleEast was invited, and they have a quarter the number of our readers. I had to find out about this event while driving a Porsche Panamera during that car’s media event, while riding with another journalist. It turned out that even my driving partner was invited, and he didn’t even want to go.

After I inquired, I was simply told that spaces were limited. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that spaces are never limited at such open-air events.

Can somebody with a brain at Land Rover tell me why they chose to leave me out? Does the company have no respect for our readers? Who makes these decisions? Is it the same people that ran the company into financial trouble?

Earlier this year, when I inquired why Car Middle East was getting long-term test cars and we weren’t, their spokesperson mumbled something about them looking at the “quality” of readers for specific publications. In other words, anyone reading this blog is a low-income loser.

Many site visitors have been bombarding me with emails asking when the new Land Rover models are coming here. If anyone asks me again, I’ll tell you to stop eating my head and go buy something else.

In other news, the 2010 Land Rover LR4 has been supposedly launched in the UAE, replacing the LR3 with an identical model, but with a new 375 hp 5.0-litre V8, a new face, clear tail lamps and not much else.

What do you think?



  1. I actually like the interior in this pic, contrary to what i felt earlier. overall, its cool.

  2. Pretty good article and review 🙂 . Like that. I am regular reader of your articles and road test, freq visitor of your website, even though i dont live in UAE anymore, effect of downturn 🙂

  3. @Mash:
    Just because i cannot afford 60% of the car types on the market, that doesn’t mean i shouldn’t be informed, especially that i love anything on wheels. I am totally with you on this one mate: i would REALLY like to meet any of the “people” who have these ideas! The readers should read only about what they can afford?

  4. Why the hell(the frozen one) did they have to replace a LR3 with a identical LR4…I don’t get it….

  5. Ok seriously,we took a prado, a pajero and an LR3 to the beach near jumeirah..The prado and pajero went through without much fuss,,the LR3 on the other hand struggled all the way through!! The driver couldnt lift off the throttle cos the power would die and strand the truck in the beach..ITs as if all the power had just vanished and the computer was doing all the thinking but it was terrible..Its on road handling though is very good for its size,,there is body roll but very controlled cos of the air suspension thingy,,but as a desert sand dweller it sucked!! its probably good at other 4×4 terrain but sand is not its cup o tea..

  6. Ohh and by the way we had to eventually come off the sand and park it on tarmac and walk the rest of the way to where the others were..

  7. I guess its a different vehicle all together.its not like other SUVs and to drive it off=road, needs a person who knows the car and how its computer thinks. so driving a land rover requires different skills for off-roading.

  8. FYI.. you might want to tell them that your readers drive some of the most prestige brands (I drive a 2009 porsche), so its their loss if they don’t include you. They are a bunch of prejudiced idiots who will be left in the heap of 20th generation conventional journalist history. You’ve got something very good here, dont let these idiots make you think otherwise!!!

  9. Mashy, that is the cost you pay for calling “Spade” a “Spade”.

    Don’t bother……… anyways LR3 was a panzy box on four wheels………… you need not waste your time on one more addition to the list.

  10. who wants a land rover anyway? all the readers on this site are informed citizens, we wont buy a silly car that will break down when you drive out of the showroom. rangerover/landrover bottom of the pits in the reliability index!!
    dont waste your time Mash, go review other good cars.

  11. Author

    I haven’t been locked out of the press fleet, so I should be able to test the new models eventually. I’ll just be at the end of the waiting list, so expect reviews sometime after 6 months.

  12. first..this attitude from them shows how week they are..its like the VW..i remeber even when i went to the Showroom they even keep most of the cars locked as if they are a multimillion doller cars…the funny thing is that RangeR cars are known for their bad quality and rubish engines..the only thing that is good is the ride quality…
    forget about them if they keep ignoring U..but dont let this issue put U down…
    just do what u have to do and wait for the chances to come..
    am happy that you started to test porsche cars..even if not for couple of days..but still better than nothing..
    good luck in this stupid world…

  13. Starting to look more elegant like a range rover.. Most people who buy one dont think too much about the offroading part so who cares, its a good looking fancy car…

  14. hehehe…mashy u never fail to amuse me. After comments like these against LR do you expect them to invite you to their next opening 🙂 Perhaps they might – although albeit they’ll give you a LR/RR with no steering wheel or something to tht sort..weak brakes…

    You’ve updated your site…got a good look & feel.All the best mashy

  15. Thumbs up…….

  16. …. and get over that you weren’t invited to the event launch rather than giving comments such as “…. set up to exaggerate the aging 4×4’s sand abilities. ”

    Who cares, get over it!

    An unbiassed point of view instead would have been far more benifical to all!


  17. Author

    Unbiased point of view on a vehicle I didn’t drive? Okay.

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