Toyota Prado 2010 launched in UAE

Toyota Prado 2010 launched in UAE

2010 Toyota Prado
The 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has been launched in the UAE, although readers of this website have known for months what the new model will look like. However, while we have become the top source of Prado news on the web, we were completely left out of the media launch event held in Dubai a week ago, so we are having to piece together information from other sources, as well as tips from our readers.

The bulbous new model will be available in 3-door and 5-door formats. However, the 5-door will be available with two petrol and two diesel engines, while the 3-door will be left to fend with only a single basic petrol engine.

The GCC-spec 2010 Prado 5-door will be available in VXL, VX and TX trim levels, with a choice of a 271 hp 4.0-litre V6 with a 5-speed manually-shiftable automatic or a 6-speed manual, or an underpowered 161 hp 2.7-litre 4-cylinder with a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual. The two diesel choices include a 94 hp 3.0-litre 4-cylinder and a 163 hp turbocharged 3.0-litre 4-cylinder, the latter having more torque than even the petrol V6.

All models get 17-inch aluminium wheels, except for the VXL, which gets 18-inch ones. All models also have four-wheel ventilated disc brakes, independent double-wishbone front suspension and four-link rear suspension. The top version even gets a “KDSS stabilizer” system that worked wonders on the larger Land Cruiser’s handling. For some reason, according to the specs, the 5-door has 10 mm higher ground clearance than the 3-door.

The interior seems to be available with three grades of upholstery. Basic models get fabric and mid-range versions get a better fabric, while the VXL gets leather with its wood trim and thicker-bolstered front seats.

The top VXL version also gets features such as three-zone automatic a/c, 17-speaker JBL stereo with AUX input, keyless entry and starter button, front and rear parking sensors with display, electrically-operated last-row seating, Bluetooth and rear-seat DVD entertainment. Also available are front, side-curtain and knee airbags, as well as stability control and turning HID headlights. The 7-seater 5-door Prado finally gets a fold-flat third row seat, while a 9-seater configuration is optional. A rear air suspension system is also optional, but might be reserved for markets such as Saudi Arabia.

Tech features include an optional multi-terrain system with settings for mud and sand, rock, and loose surfaces. Lower models have to cope with an “active” traction control system. The top model also gets ABS that works with the multi-terrain system, as well as four cameras, crawl control and a steering-angle display for off-road driving. The full-time all-wheel-drive system has locking centre and rear diffs, as well as low-range gearing. The optional adaptive suspension system can be used to vary ride height, and comes with the automatic rear levelling system.

For more specs and pricing, keep track of upcoming updates in the Toyota Prado buyer guide. We have a feeling potential buyers are in for a shocker.

What do you think?



  1. With the new model top Speed might not hit the 200k mark but the price seems to do so….;) vll wait for the shock..

  2. how can it house 9 seats ???

  3. Author

    no idea. maybe the last row in that is 2 sideways benches to stuff people in.

  4. my dream 4×4…… 😉
    i am waiting for price shock
    but still i am ready to buy… other plans for investment are now on hold for one year now 🙁

  5. Mash, Y did u have to end this lovely report with such a statement ? I dont want to be shocked 🙁

  6. Omani’s are selling the TX – Spl for 157,000 and VX mid range for 167,000 and VX top range for 192,000.

    Surely, Al Futtaim will be higher than Omani’s.

  7. Author

    Good info, Joe

  8. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttt !!!!

  9. So the Prado is not a Pajero or Pathfinder competitor any more after looking at the options lists which will surely result is a very high price…

  10. And you will still get more bang for your buck if you buy a Pajero….

  11. i don’t like new Prado,not nice for me.

  12. Im guessing top of the range here in gcc based on Omani prices will probably be at least 195k+..But the options do look very nice..Toyota has finally put some good tech inside..

  13. very good options for the full options..hope the price will be good…thanks for the info

  14. This is what a friend of mine said “we had met a staff…riding one of those at one of the emarat stations near DFC…he sed price would be more than 200k and he stated that it will have more features than the land cruiser…which is actually not logical..!!”

  15. lol cant believe the prado is a dreamcar for some.
    this version looks fugly and the price is way too high also. im sure it will sell like hotcakes though, the new white prado owners will soon flood the roads of dubai 😀 please when you make a lane change/cut me off do use your turnsignals.
    as for tailgating me, i doubt you will be able to catch up for that haha

  16. 4WDs are for people who REALLY need 4WD for offroading, for Dads with large families or for moms to drop their kids to school;). Driving a lumbering heavy 4WD with poor handling and body roll sucks for guy who LOVES the DRIVE feeling. I am sure Mash will agree to this. In same price range, better go for luxury cars with great handling and control and the DRIVE feel :).

  17. Guys,
    If you can afford to pay around 195K for a new Prado, then pay the extra amount and get the new Infiniti FX.
    That one is much more fun to drive and the design is way better.
    This car should be at the 120K-160K range slightly higher than the Honda Pilot and GMC Tahoe.
    Wait six months and you will see the reduced offers.
    You could also buy the new Lexus RX350 at the 195K price range. It doesn’t make sense at all!
    Better check the prices in the far east then we can tell if the local Agent is raising the prices or is it from Toyota?

  18. Author

    Ok, the loaded VXL costs Dhs 217k in Dubai. Pardon me while I go to a corner and laugh.

  19. insanely stupid car

  20. wow!!! i doubt there will be ‘potential buyers’ at this rate. nissan are quietly cheering

  21. loool @ trying to imagine that hehehe
    regarding the worries guys..just go for the standard (TX) and remove the (T) and add (V & L) on both sides..
    this is already happening to LC owners…
    even they remove the V6 and put V8 …
    i think that the huge raise in the price is not because of the engine or the specs or offroad systems..its because it has the starter button and keyless system..loooool

    so good luck toyota ..

  22. i called al-futtaim he is saying 127k dhs base for 2.7l 4cyl,he took my no. and said he will call me back………..this is a different story,delivery for the prado by the end of nov. as he is saying.will update if he calls after all al-futtaim has lazy staff who don’t reply emails even after mailing them a dozen times.

  23. “The New Land Cruiser Prado series has models to suit every requirement with competitive launch prices ranging from AED 118,000 to AED 217,000” lollllllllll…..suit every requirement…official press release!!

  24. So much tech….what the heck…. Who cares !!!

  25. Thats not the end of it… you pay 206k for the full options and u still don’t get the option of the 150ltr fuel tank. If you want that option, you have to settle for a model without navigation and no leather seats! >:oP

  26. I’ve said enough about how much this car sucks and now there’s a price tag that its not worth of. only thing good about this is the suspension tech.

  27. I totally agree with the friend who said we should go for the FX, and with this price tag, we dont even need to add some thousands, we can get an FX with less money, and for the other friend who reminded others that 4×4’s are not fun to drive, I also agree with him, now with 170k in my pocket, I would buy the new infiniti G37 which no other car in its segment can beat, its almost a jet not a car and full of gadgets and specs. so, the final word, good luck toyota, the people are no stupid anymore.

  28. Great choice Samer ! I have had my eyes on Infini G37 since some time. Definately among the top of my list as my next car:)

  29. WOW! lotta intrest in th Prado! But I really dont see why..
    There are lots of other well priced alternatives.. i think th pajero is definitly worth the money!
    But there is the obsession with toyotas here in the UAE..
    Al Futtaim can put any price tag on them and people will still buy them! So cant blame them for the high prices..

  30. Dear Friends, Toyotas have definetely lost it. Assuming that UAE buyers are third grade idiots and will pay any ridiculous price is what is apparent in the pricing.

    I agree with Mashfique Hussain that he should have been invited to LR4 launch considering the sheer readership this website has got. The management of LR4 is not really the best. Having said that the sheer features and technology of LR4 is awesome. A different league altogether than the over-smart toyotas. And the price 215K.

    There are too many options in the 170 – 210K range that are way ahead of Prado10. Far too many and vehicles of a better and distinct league.

    Prado is no doubt an excellent suv but not at these ridiculous price levels. It is a best buy for the 130 – 150k range. It is definitely not worth more.

    Friends, don’t also forget checking the Land Cruiser prices, it is not really a lot more from these ridiculous price levels.

    And features – no doubt very good. But consider this, part from the couple of features that are there in the 217K VXL, most of the others and a lot more added to it are there in vehicles like Expedition, Pathfinder since many years now (auto 3rd row seats.. since many years).

  31. the price for 4-cylinder will be 128k,122k,113k & for the last option 109k.For 6 Cylinder it will be 207k & 193 k

  32. Guys… In KSA there are rumors that the intro price is arpund the 145,000 SAR!!! if this is true, I guess toyota will sell the minimum volume ever….

  33. Toyota’s resale value is higher than others!!!

    Is it really???? A Ford or a Pajero comes with 50 – 60K service contract (you just pay for your tyres). And the first year free insurance! So net net the cost of ownership is the same, if not lower for the Fords and Pajeros.

    For Toyota pay an astronomical price. Pay for services, insurance … and at the end people like us calculate depreciation on the price paid for the car. What about the service cost, insurance etc.?

    In today’s world you never know in 2 years Toyota could be owned by some chinese company which could also own Ssangyong and Chevrolet and could merge them all.

    Still Toyota??? Why?

    And where in the world is Toyota considered a luxury or an aspirational brand? Kia of 2009 is far better than Toyota of 1979 or for that matter 1989. And the gap is fast bridging up

    Toyota no doubt very good but please don’t indulge into a ransom game or fooling buyers in UAE.

  34. I really was a fool to wait nearly a year for this pricey SUV. I cant afford it anymore, I’ll have to look into Pajero now. This is really sad. and Toyota will surely be called a BUNCH OF F** LOSERS..

  35. Al Futtaim is going for a kill. That’s the reason, people buy from the grey market, i.e., Oman where you get it 10-12% cheaper with excellent after servicing at reasonable prices.

    It’s better to go for Pajero – 3.8 litre or Pathfinder

    I totally agree with Sadeq.

  36. Dear guys,
    Please dont compare the product sold by Alfuttaim & Oman.The vehicles from oman are altered and dont have the spec which is sold by alfuttaim….THE SERVICE TEAM IS A EXCELLENT TEAM………THE SHARJAH BODY SHOP TEAM….HATS OFF TO THE TEAM…

  37. Toyota Lover,

    aah, the same old, dont buy products without fattening the dealer’s margins, the cheaper stuff is bad!!!
    Hear same thing about cameras, how the 3000 Dhs Nikon is actually better than the same model sold for 1800 dhs at Amazon, but many of us have become smarter 🙂

  38. Let this post burn in hell.. Ive never seen people talk like this about ferraris as much as a silly toyota..

  39. Did someone say Hell? Sssup! .. Bottom Line: The vehicle is great with some decent off roading tech. ; The external design is a step better to the previous…. The quality of the interior has been uped as well from the previous..but Toyota, cmonnnn , ur playing us with that price tag dawg…. u guys at AlFuttaim Motors need to go in for a cold shower!

    And hey Toyota Lover, no offence dawg, but how abt bringing some facts to the table on the specifications of Oman VS UAE .. lets say full options!

  40. toyota has gone mad!

  41. And to add to that the never answering phones at local service, rude and arrogent service advisors, 2 days to fix a side mirror, 4 complains and still can’t fathom reason for the steering wobble at high speeds etc.etc. I have given up Toyota for life (at least in the UAE).


  43. prices are really unreasonably sky high even in Oman.May b Toyota will soon realize the blunder when it bites the dust.

  44. I m really confused ..Should i buy PRADO 2010 3 door or FJ Cruiser 2010 from Al Futtaim.. Need your advice

  45. Ritz,
    If these are the only two choices you have then I’d say go for the Prado 2010 – 3 Door. The FJ is good no doubt, but you’ll find that the ride is far better on a Prado. I’ve driven both, so I know. The additional doors on the FJ is no better than the Prado’s 3 Door Version coz on the FJ, you will have to open the front door to open the rear.
    Good luck on your purchase!

  46. just checked it a day ago, a horribly UGLY machine

  47. @Shah
    What do u drive?

  48. the new prado really sucks……u could get a top of the range armada for 175K…..its much bigger n much more powerful…so if anyone who has around 200k n wants a gud car….he could go for the armada instead

  49. @ cooldude420 … Hahaha .. Sure… But count me out!

  50. ASAD..what do you drive???

  51. Land-rover Defender … Why do u ask?

  52. just wanted to know..of you have a car or not..curiosity 😉

  53. the prado its really luxury , but i donot want to be shocked on the price ,,,,,,

  54. Well its a toyota, not an entry model land rover.. so it should be reasonably priced.. I might as well get a VW Touareg instead..

  55. spotted an base tx.l at salam street yesterday.looks like a cheap chinese suv,,i like the old one 4r sure,som i am planning 2 buy da old 1 instead,if i get da 139,999dhs vx sport,becauz da 159,999dhs exclusive is a bit pricey 4r just a navigation

  56. think it will beat the new land cruiser 2009(not prado)

  57. Prado stinks !! it has terrible brake system and suspension !! and any idiot thinks that the prado or any Toyota for that sake is a luxury car … should get out of his financial cave and get a live !!!

  58. The Toyota Prado is one of the best cars I have ever driven. I intend to get another next year.
    I do not live in a cave. I am not an idiot. I suspect that I have more of a life (live??) than the person that deludes themself by the fake title of ‘Bosss’. Generally people who acuse others of being stupid do so because they are stupid themselves. I highly recommend the Toyota Prado to anyone.

  59. @aslan
    Well Said

  60. its a wonderfull track.hope to see it soon in lebanon

  61. hey guys i checked the new prado and it’s awesome the interior option it’s crazy my fried drove lx570 and they got same interior option with pre crash, 4 cameras, navi, suspension, etc i think the price compare to option it’s giving is fair

  62. este carro é o maximo , toyota sempre a subir n me deixa ficar mal , etou contigo nessa

  63. i have old prado its much stronger body i have seen but it is damn expensive my prado has a beter deck of wx4500 sony wats the use of navi its 4 lazy people who dont know the ways well i like my own my is 2.7 m/t and the voice frm the engine is awsum

  64. Hay Guys,

    I am planning to buy a Prado 2010 VX-L. I will appreciate honest reviews and experiences from owners.


  65. Dear Expert,

    Please suggest which Prado 2010 model is better to buy. 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder. I have no concern to go off-road drives etc. I will this Prado for Town and long drives (highways). I have heard some people that there is some sound in engine in 4 cylinder. But there is a bug difference in the price.

    Please suggest

  66. ooooh i wish i can have this pradoooo…

  67. Stunning interior, wish to have Tx-L v6. Better to get new one ’10 model, rather than negotiating 2008 or 2009 model from ridiculous owners where they still fixed price beyond 120 to 130k for basic VX…

  68. TX-L V6 starts at AED 150k with the leather option

  69. Hi guys…
    I’m planing to buy a Toyota-PRADO 2010, 2.7L, 4Cyl. No sunroof and no leather seats, 17″ alloy. CD, Blutooth. 4X4, white color. Fog-Lights.
    I do not have any idea about the SUV. Please suggest.


  70. buy v6 option 4 cylinder is too slow and sounds like a lawnmower

  71. In SUV you must go for any V6 option. and Never Buy this SUV. Its better to go for Pajero or Mazda CX9 just go and take test drive these SUV’s on same day you will feel difference.

  72. @ Mustafa
    Exactly what @Prado said

    @ Prado
    Howz your old prado doing? I’ve question for you. Ive rented out the prado v6 (previous model) several times in the past and now after testing the new 2010 V6 version I felt that the torque is slightly less when compared to the old. Have you noticed this?

  73. I am planning to buy a Prado TXL 2.7l . Is it good for roads and high speeds or not? For example is it good for commuting from Dubai to Abu dhabi or not?

  74. i heard from various sources that there is a mild facelift coming up for the prado during 2013 (summer?). it supposedly inlcudes LED frontlights, new foot side step (probably like they have done with the former prado when introducing the ‘limited’ facelift) some changes to the centre console/ interior.

    anyone having any further details?

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