Mazda CX-7 2010 launched in the UAE

Mazda CX-7 2010 launched in the UAE

The UAE dealer for Mazda has launched the new 2010 CX-7 crossover SUV in Dubai. Already available in Saudi Arabia, the compact 4×4 will only be available with one engine option, but with two different drivetrains.

It comes in two trim levels, the base one being front-wheel-drive and the top one all-wheel-drive, both mated to a 6-speed automatic. The standard GCC-spec engine is a version of the 2.3-litre “DISI” turbocharged 4-cylinder, generating 234 hp at 5000 rpm and 350 Nm of torque at 2500 rpm, relatively detuned compared to the US-spec 244 hp and the Euro-spec 260 hp versions.

Standard features include 18-inch alloy wheels, front and side-curtain airbags and the usual power features.

UAE prices for the CX-7 start from Dhs 93,800 for the basic model to Dhs 119,800 for a fully loaded version. For more specs and details, visit the Mazda CX-7 buyer guide.

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  1. Mazda have made some real fine cars over the last years.. if only their engines were a little more refined.

  2. Was disappointed all in all.
    Expected “six-seven” to really give competition boot to Tiguan, but it seems Galadari missed out a potential here. They see CX-7 as a competitor with Murano instead.
    Why would I pay more for car with less features and relatively same driving characteristics as Tiguan? No parking sensors, only rear view camera. Small LCD as I understood without DVD playing capabilities. No separate climate control, no A/C for passengers in the back. What they call “Sunroof” is just small hole.
    Having said that, one have to admit that once you seat inside, you really want to stay and drive more. It is not dull interior ir exterior of VW. “Smiley” face is not that noticeable with this particular model.
    2010 model should have new engine, however I am yet to try if it really is better than Tiguan in overall driving experience and worth paying 7K more.

  3. where is this one made?

  4. Author

    Thanks for confirming some features. As for VW, I expect the Mazda to be more reliable.

  5. very ugly car, One more flop model by mazda..!!

  6. problem with galadari is they overprice, even when the competition has a lot of frebbies to offer. even servicing is overpriced. wake up galadari (indian) management.

  7. I dont know how they expect people to buy a budget family car with such prices.. A Bigger SUV, like the pajero, with bigger engines that require less sensible servicing complete with a proper 4×4 drive train come cheaper..

  8. Was thinking of going for a new car…which is a better buy…Pajero or CX7 ?

  9. depends on your needs. if you dont go off-roading and dont intend to do so in future, take the CX7. if you like to go off-road every now and then, go for pajero. there’s no point on having a gas guzzling pajero if you dont go off-road. Mazda’s quality and ‘fit and finish’ is really high also.

  10. Thanks for ur suggestion BJD. Presently I drive a Murano (US Specs) and I find the car comfortable,powerful with good mileage..the only reason why I thought of going for a new companion is non availability of a garage who can diagonise and repair the car. (if you can suggest a garage :)) When comparing the price CX7 seems to be overpriced and I hv no idea abt the maintenance n services offered by the Dealer..or going for a Murano 2008 Model which is available with 0Km at 88k.

  11. Dont give that eninge and tranny, especially that tranny to any odd garage they wil break it..CVT transmissions are different, so im guessing only the dealer will have the right tools for diagnosing any problems..
    Honestly i dont like these small crossovers, even the pwoer in this one has been detuned, if it had the 244 then i’d give it a second look, i’d go for the pajero but only in 3.8 trim, the 3.0 for a LWB is severly got all the space and the quality is also very good..

  12. Hi Spyke…dealers r not ready to do any electrical work….i hv been experiencing a hissing noise n lack of power on accelaration especially when d car is slowd doqwn during drive…for my size (lol) i think Pajero is a huge machine….but tempted ofb their offers of free insurance for 2 yrs….50K kms free service etc….

  13. All this Hanky Panky about specs and features..

    Call me old fashioned but in Dubai you are only allowed to have one of Dubai’s traditional Big 3..

    Land cruiser, Patrol or Pajero..

    You going on road or off road does not really matter..

    Get yourself a white one of these cars and stick on HH Sheikh Mohammed’s picture on the back and you’re set..

  14. At galadari motors maintenance charges can be on the higher side but they do a good job of doing a full check of the car and we’ve never had probs with the customer care (have a maz6). the prices of parts are high but i think all dealers price the parts high anyway. maybe CX7 is overpriced cuz its a new model now. A con of the CX7 may be luggage space and rear headroom cuz of the sport’s car-like exterior design. CX7 does handle well and sports excellent on-road performance.
    but murano has both style and functionality (thats is, interior space and versatility). so you’ll be happier with the murano. moreover, its good value for money.

  15. Ibin, u made my day. Quite true my man. In dubai just plaster the ruler’s face all over ur car and everbody splits like the red sea.
    Also , at that price id get a pajero. Way better. Cx7 should be priced no more than 70k with that size and engine.

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