The 1st DriveArabia official meet

The 1st DriveArabia official meet

Eid Prayer Grounds Parking Lot
For the first time ever, enthusiasts will be meeting up this weekend to show off their cars, talk about cars, and hang around cars.

The first people to be invited were regular members of the MyRide forums. It will intentionally be a small gathering, but everyone is invited to drop by. There will be free DriveArabia-sponsored Bebsi, until stocks last.

The Date: Friday, 13 November, 2009

The Place: Eid Prayer Grounds Parking in Mankhool, near Karama, Dubai

The Time: 4 pm

The Directions:
– If coming from Sharjah using the Garhoud Bridge, get off the bridge and keep driving straight.
– As you pass under an interchange bridge at Wafi, keep to the two slowest lanes on the right, but keep going straight. Do not take the three fastest lanes, as those eventually head left towards Shk Zayed Road, and you do not want that.
– Keep going and you will spot Lamcy on your right. Various exits will appear to Karama, but do not take those.
– If you kept going straight and didn’t end up in the wrong place, you will hit a traffic signal junction. On your left will be Zabeel Park and on your right will be Sana Fashions Karama.
– At this signal, just go straight and then take the first right.
– After taking this right, on your left will be a massive parking lot. Just figure out a way to enter that.
– In the parking lot, do a round and look for our red BMW M Roadster.

Use the map below to figure out the location. Explore more at Google Maps.

To discuss the event or sign up your name, visit the MyRide Forums.

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  1. i can’t come 🙁

  2. Motorsfest at Autodrome at that day.. Maybe ill take a peek after that… Out of curiousity would meet some of you… In the end, im aware i kind of abuse the ‘Submit Comment’ button on this site..

  3. Hey Mash! Good Stuff. Wouldn’t be able to make it this time but will surely try to be there for the next. Hope all you guys have a great time chatting about your respective rides. >;o) .. FUN!!

  4. i am new and annonymous but i’ll be there as a petrolhead….

  5. Everyday visitor but not a member of the site. go to be at work at 4 but would surely try to come for a while.

  6. The one time when I have a car I can be proud off… you keep a meet…. yay!

    Also the one day when I’ll be flying out of the country… and selling said car… boo!

  7. i would like to come n hang out with all the rider friends but fortunately i got football today at 4pm. have fun. ENJOY mash!

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