Volvo S60 2011 first photos released

Volvo S60 2011 first photos released

2011 Volvo S60
Volvo has released the first photos of the all-new 2011 S60 sedan, further defining the corporate styling that first started with the XC60 crossover last year. It is interesting, but not really a breakthrough with that droopy nose.

First previewed as a concept a few months ago, it is expected that the new model will simply feature versions of existing engines, among them a 304 hp 3.0-litre inline-6 turbo.

Though no other details or images are available, the Swedish firm has mentioned that the 2011 Volvo S60 will debut at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show in March next year.

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  1. looks awesome man especially the first picture… i couldn’t believe it’s volvo s60!! those rims are the bomb!

  2. the exhaust system is amazing too (new style)

  3. i can see suicide doors in the concept version, but i guess they didn’t take that much seriously while production….m pretty sure the rear look might be slightly diff too, then the concept…overall its a nice lookin car…what abt interior pics?

  4. Volvo still uses straight 6 engines.. Good to know.. I like it, feels tough and indestructible just like previous volvos..

  5. is it me, or the head lights look a bit like the Merc’s?

  6. Thats a nice car.

    @ Ciprian .. Only since you’ve mentioned it, I do see the similarities of the Head lights with this and the new E class.

  7. i think that extra pair of lights in front are fog lights……coz it already has high beam in the main head light set.

  8. It still got its own character.. beats the Jag XF that looks like a confused jaguar design wise..

  9. ‘For Life..’

    Still the best motto for a car..

    The only reason I’d buy one..


  10. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah . . .

  11. I presently drive the S40T5 great car, can’t wait to see and drive the new S60T6

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