Video of the week: Home-made CGI

A CGI amateur from Azerbaijan went ahead and created this elaborate computer-generated randomness of a video, featuring a Chevy Camaro, a modded Ford Mustang, a Russian VAZ and our all-time favourite 4×4, the Jeep Grand Cherokee. An Apache attack helicopter shows up in it too. While not exactly realistic, it could be inspiration for budding film makers, if you have the patience to sit through 4 months of rendering time to create 5 minutes of footage.

What do you think?



  1. may be hez an ART & ANIMATION student, and this is hiz thesis presentation…….but anyways he did a brilliant work….vry much inspired by his talent….he might get selected by dreamworks pictures for the next edition of STARWARS ;o)

  2. I’m from Azerbaijan. Russian Made Lada 2107 is very popular there as very cheap (7,500 usd when new) rear wheel drive car. Looks like he made a model of his own car as this is the only car has plate number. Graphics are very good.

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