Toyota Camry 2010 hits the streets of Dubai

Toyota Camry 2010 hits the streets of Dubai

The facelifted 2010 Toyota Camry has quietly reached the UAE, most obvious on the streets of Dubai in RTA taxi colours. Sharp-eyed people may have already spotted the new models, with the new grille, pointier headlights, new wheels and the LED-style tail lamps.

Unfortunately, while the American-spec 2010 Camry, launched almost a year ago, comes with a new 169 hp 2.5-litre engine, the sedans headed for the GCC are the Australian-built ones, which continue with the existing 158 hp 2.4-litre engine. Along with the engine, the interior has also been left largely untouched.

It would seem that the local dealers have finally depleted their excessive supplies of unsold 2009 models, making way for the refreshed 2010 version. For updated specs and prices, keep track of the Toyota Camry buyer guide.

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  1. i remember.. i saw the RTA taxi “camry” with LED since more than 6 months…

    i thought at the beginning this was the hybrid version for camry used by taxi companies?!!?!?

  2. thank GOD..long awaited camry has finally reached to dubai….i hav seen the RTA camryz with led lights starting earlier this month…but i have noticed 1 thing that their break lights were underneath the indicator lights, whereas the 2010 face lifted model features break lights above the indicator lights. so i thought may be RTA replaced the conventional lights with the LED one for the damaged cars…i dono wats this mystery? why the break lights are diff in taxi for 2010 model?

  3. People I just hate Al Futtaim, and hate that ugly monopoly.I just hate that stealership more and more day by day.
    I spotted an FJ cruiser with sunroof yesterday, and then I came to know that it was an American FJ cruiser. Even the front and tail of the car are way nicer than the ones we have.

  4. Sun roof on the FJ’s are the after market stuff. No toyota dealers in anywhere do it. I researched on this before buying my 2010 FJ. But if you do get some shop to fit you one, they better be careful with wirings, as you might know that FJ’s roof liner are with new concealed speaker system called the exciter. Peace.

  5. Heard that the brake issues which the 2007-08 models had have been resolved for the 2010 camry..the explantion given to that was the brakes were made for wet weather conditions and were unchanged for the region whereas the 2010 models that have reached here have system that was used in the 2006 camry models used for dry weather/hard braking..

  6. wow, it is so ugly and just another updated and upgraded model of the existing and terrible Toyota Camry. It is a shame that we don’t get to comment on the Range Rover of 2010-2011. The price is quite high but it has a V8 5.0 under the bonnet and that luxurious feel of the interior. It’s also quite spacious and big.
    Although, I have had a Range Rover (2006)I only kept it for a year. It was nice but I was getting bored of it and it was hard to park due to its huge size. Nonetheless I loved it.
    Now, I have a Maserati GranTurismo which makes me feel special. Also, I own a S63 AMG. Oh, I am also considering a Ford Shelby GT 500 or maybe a BMW M5. But I am more than happy with my two cars which drive as if I was in Formula 1.

  7. ^ We cant afford it so we dont bother..

  8. Nice car collection you got there AAA. But i don’t think Camry buyers are thinking about buying a Range Rover.

  9. AAA, its true tht camry sucks but a Range Rover isnt a substitute for people buying a camry. It’s in a completely different Category and market segment.
    I will say the facelift makes the front look slightly better. maybe its the fog lamps and new grille but still looks boring from other angles and the interior is bland. A Mazda 6 or Altima are better options.

  10. mazda 6 would be a good option , i would have suggested the fog lamp cover to be a big for the camru as u see in the mazda 6 , anyways toyota rocks and the the guy who owns range rover and masserati ,why dont u try a suzuki alto ,it might fit ur views

  11. You are right, both hybrid and the new 2010 come with led tail lights, but the position of the indicators is different, the hybrids have been on road for a while now as they brought them along with other hybrids like chevy malibu and other cars to test them as taxis, but the new 2010 camry has been on the road for only a month or so. I just wanted to clear the confusion.

  12. emirates taxi,abu dhabi,have put the 2010 camry,and its sure a lot of no.s,becauz u now see them in every corner of AD,although i heard tht they r replacing it with the yaris 1.5,wonder abt tht.but i am seeing it from 3 months,all from omani import,although evn my my camry 2008 is omani import(hehe),it has CD PLAYER in my gl while al futtaim has a cassete tape in gl,but 2010 has no interior changes at all,update,i evn saw a camry glx taxi operating for tawasul,maybe they got it for a throwaway price

  13. Afaq, the new camry tail lights have red covered indicator lights on the top (which may seem like brake lights) but they glow in orange. and at the bottom there are (clear) covered tail lights consisting of red LED lamps, so they glow in red. During daytime, it looks as if the indicators above are the brake lights but it’s not the case, it’s just some new styling.

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