Mitsubishi RVR 2011 crossover coming soon

Mitsubishi RVR 2011 crossover coming soon

2011 Mitsubishi RVR Crossover
Mitsubishi has released the first images of their upcoming new sub-compact crossover 4×4. Dubbed the Mitsubishi RVR, it is possible that it might receive a better name before it debuts next year as a 2011 model.

The styling apes the Mitsubishi Evolution, just like the larger Outlander. Based on the Mitsubishi cX concept shown at recent auto shows, the RVR is sized to compete with the likes of the Nissan Qashqai, and is smaller in size than a Honda CR-V.

Not much else is known about the sub-compact RVR crossover, other than the fact that it will come with a 1.8-litre engine, which we estimate will make around 140 hp.

What do you think?



  1. That looks strange. I actually cannot decide if I like it or hate it. Looks menacing yet roundish. I have same feeling about Q5

  2. Just another crossover with no character whatsoever…

  3. i would still prefer QASHQAI (or INFINITI-EX if that is in the same league) over this…

  4. Looks like the VW Tiguan alot

  5. it sucks.
    its very much different from the concept cx. i thought it would be like the volvo c30

  6. whats up with the sad faced front bumper!

  7. I love the look; but then, I’m a confirmed traditionalist. Rsacy swoops, exaggerated way-out styling, oversized spoilers, 30 inch wheels and motorcycle accoutrements do not – repeat NOT – appeal to me. If this new dude turns out to be fuel efficient, cushy and comfy, have good ride and handling with an absolutely flat load floor space with rear seat(s)folded, a great sound system with all the poshcreature comforts, then they may very well get my business. I couldn’t care less about 0-60 times, mountain goat climbing and handling,
    futuristic artistic impressionist styling, iPD, youPD, dingfod, USB, USA or XYZ electronic gadgetry plugins.

  8. This would replace all the ugly junky costly cabs on the street… As long as it has a better price and a long mileage free service that it needs to keep in condition.

  9. How does the RVR sub SUV compares to the newly launched Hyundai IX35.
    Would appreciate an opinion as I will be in the market to purchase a new car around late 3th quarter 2010 Thank you LD

  10. How does the RVR new SUB SUV concept CX car compare to the newly launched Hyundai IX35 in size and specifications?

    By 3th quarter I will need to purchase a new car i would appreciate to receive your comments. Thank youn LD

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