Jaguar XJ 2010 reaches UAE shores

Jaguar XJ 2010 reaches UAE shores

2010 Jaguar XJ
The all-new 2010 Jaguar XJ was publicly displayed at the 2009 Dubai Motor Show for the first time in the UAE, after a press preview earlier in the week. On display were the regular and long-wheelbase models, although it would take a keen eye to figure out which is which. Photos by Faisal Khatib.

We even spoke to Ian Callum, the former Aston Martin designer who now heads Jaguar’s design department, and he says that Jaguar is targeting younger buyers nowadays, and that the “cat-like” design is really a coincidence, even if it relates well to the badge.

The 2010 XJ will be available with three V8 engine choices eventually, and should debut in the GCC by the summer of next year. For more details, check out the UK launch report.

Keep track of pricing updates in the Jaguar XJ buyer guide.

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  1. the car looks grand! great design and especially the rear design. the interior looks nice too. the AC vents look cool!

  2. Doesnt the rear look a little like a lancia??

  3. Prices are

    385 bhp premium luxury 350 000
    385 bhp portfolio 400 000
    417 bhp supercharge portfolio 459 000

    warranty 5yrs/250 000kms

    In GCC only long wheel base

    Car is great

  4. After some 2 decades this car finally got a facelift… The XJ I no longer consider an oldman’s car judging the new image…
    Even though the older one was a huge success…

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