Toyota Yaris 2010 starts trickling into market

Toyota Yaris 2010 starts trickling into market

2010 Toyota Yaris Hatchback UK version
The Toyota Yaris has received a minor facelift for 2010, and can already be seen around the streets of the UAE. It is odd that the dealer is focusing on offloading leftover 2009 models before truly marketing the new version, but then again, the changes seem to be limited to new bumpers and not much else.

The 5-door hatchback gets a new front bumper and maybe slightly-restyled rear light clusters, as well as new wheels and interior colours. Other markets get better options. The 2010 European version gets a fuel-saving engine start/stop feature, while the American one gets an optional sports package that is different from the Yaris R previewed at the recent Dubai Motor Show.

The 4-door sedan gets a new front bumper with a black grille similar to the hatchback, while the rest is seemingly unchanged. The American version gets a body-kitted Yaris Sport option that will likely be offered here soon, as it was displayed at the Dubai Motor Show.

Engines and prices remain similar to preceding years. For updates, visit the Toyota Yaris buyer guide.

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  1. Toyotas seem so practical. but they seriously need to focus on styling as well.

  2. where exactly have they lifted the face???

  3. Author

    ^It’s a game. Spot the differences.

  4. May be the they lifted up their own face while manufacturing Yaris 2010

  5. i recon european version would be better than the american version

  6. Dear Sir.

    How much prize for 2010 Toyota Yaris.

    kindly give me the information.

    Hope you will do soon .

    Thank you.

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