Toyota Land Cruiser 2009 with Jaos body kits

Toyota Land Cruiser 2009 with Jaos body kits

2009 Toyota Land Cruiser Jaos
Though the Toyota Land Cruiser is the last vehicle to ever need a body kit, we came across these offerings from a Japanese company called Jaos.

The kits for the redesigned-in-2008 Toyota Land Cruiser consist of front lips, rear lips, side skirts, roof spoilers and headlight eye-lids, among other pieces. There is even an Aura-branded kit from Jaos for the 1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser.

These kits can be ordered online through their website and fitted locally at any competent body shop in the UAE and elsewhere.

Incidentally, while the 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser has received a 318 hp 4.6-litre V8 in Japan, the GCC-spec 2010 Land Cruiser continues with the existing 271 hp 4.7-litre V8. Keep track of updates and prices in the Toyota Land Cruiser buyer guide.

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  1. I dont know why it looks crap

  2. What an ugly addition!
    There is nothing much that could be done with this car; it was ugly to start with; they just made it worse..
    This is one of Toyota’s best cars, but not the prettiest one for sure!
    They’d better design the next generation of Land Cruiser in Europe!
    Toyota may have the best engineers but lacks on good designers!

  3. silly and ugly, and my vocabulary fails me to find a word to discribe its ugliness…

  4. Those who used the word “Ugly” then tell us what is pretty! The Jaos body kits looks smart to me… point out which model you like… i’m pretty sure all want to know what is your taste like…

  5. Where can I order it from?

    Whats their website?

  6. The Jaos kit is really ugly … the best kit what I’ve come across for the LC is Wald Black Bison kit … seems really suiting for the ride …

  7. price and quality
    toyota land crocer full body kits

  8. Can i have details of the Japanese maker for the full body

  9. i wana buy bodykit for toyota landcruiser model 2008 jacos body kits tell me how to buy and whats the prices.

  10. I need to know which site I can order Toyota Land Cruiser 2011 body kit (Jacos) and Price details

  11. this car is good and lovely

  12. I very like

  13. I’m very very like the Toyota land cruiser company therefore i want to joined your company

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