Mohammed Ben Sulayem official patron for 2010 Gulf Bike Expo

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, FIA Vice President and President of the Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE), has announced his support for the 2010 Gulf Bike Expo. Following the success of the inaugural bike exhibition and festival earlier in 2009, of which he was also a patron, Mohammed Ben Sulayem will resume his role for next year’s show.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem has agreed to continue to work closely with exhibition organisers, Mecom Forums, who attracted over 19,000 visitors per day to this year’s show, as they have promised to make the 2010 event even bigger and better. The show has increased in size with the addition of features such as the KTM Super Motto Live and Red Bull FMX Zone. Concerts by Nickelback and Status Quo at the 2010 show will also take the three-day event to another level.

The show organiser’s focus on road safety is another big factor in appealing to Mohammed Ben Sulayem. “Gulf Bike is a unique exhibition in the way it highlights road safety – it makes us all more aware of bikes on our roads whether these be for leisure or business,” says the FIA Vice President. “Bike accidents are a common occurrence in our busy lives and across the world. Gulf Bike Expo firmly highlights not only the fun aspects of motorbike riding but also creates awareness on the road. Gulf Bike Expo also supports and encourages the motor sport of biking, and highlights not only the track opportunity within the UAE but also the competitive off-road racing scene.”

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