So we got a modified Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

So we got a modified Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Having never personally driven a Jeep Wrangler, I was actually looking forward to picking up this one from the local dealer for two days. Imagine my surprise when they handed me the keys to a modified Unlimited, fitted with a factory-original lift kit and other accessories.

The Unlimited is a 5-door version of the traditional 3-door Wrangler. All Unlimiteds seemingly come with a hard top that can be removed in pieces, although we didn’t bother due to the time and work involved.

The mods, all available through Jeep, included a heavy metal front bumper instead of the stock plastic one, rear metal bumper, a 2-inch Mopar lift kit, black metal front grille, black plates around the rear corners, grilles around the rear lamps, driving lamps on the windshield pillars, chrome mirror housings, chrome tubular side-steps, off-road tyres and many other bits, brackets, hooks and wiring, all for an extra Dhs 35,000. While outfits like VW/Audi freak out when their test cars are used as they were meant to be used, we saw this thing as an open invitation to go off-road.

The Mopar suspension compoents are clearly visible through the massive wheel-well gaps. And those grooves are on “Mickey Thompson” specialised off-road tyres.

Loading anything into the spacious boot is a cumbersome 3-step affair and takes a bit of muscle to move that spare wheel.

Inside, the dashboard is simply a piece of plastic with some gauges and controls on it, including this non-assuming stereo that houses the wildly-entertaining UConnect system. We entered this crude Jeep thinking it definitely didn’t have Bluetooth, and instead ended up playing with a voice-controlled phone system that understood at least 90% of my Indo-Arab-American accent. Why Ford’s SYNC gets all the hype, I’ll never know.

Rear legroom is adequate, but tall folks may have their knees touch the padded front seat-backs. Interestingly, we found a tag in the Jeep bragging about how the special cloth seats are resistant to everything from liquid stains to marker pens.

The Wrangler compromises on most creature comforts, but Jeep still saw it fit to stick two speakers on the middle roll bar. There were even removable covers for those speakers, should one go on a topless swimming excursion in mud.

As we said, the mods were an invitation to go into the wilderness. And we did. Those driving lights were insane, and we actually did drive in pitch-black darkness in the desert.

The full review will be up soon. After driving this thing, we are convinced that the Wrangler is purely an off-road tool. We see people drive these to work and back, and have to wonder what possessed them to use a Wrangler as a daily driver. We’ll also have a full comparison with our own Jeep Grand Cherokee V8, and see how wide apart they are in execution.

What do you think?



  1. this thing does look like the ultimate off-road machine! I really like the styling and the mods.

  2. NICE
    What is the price tag on this modified setup of the unlimited?
    Bring on the full review and comparo!

  3. The old wrangler was a harsh car and wasnt comfy at all for daily… One of the reasons is the noise and heat coming from the engine bay on your feet and the poor a/c…
    I assume this one solved these minor issues..

  4. Author

    So I contacted Jeep’s PR folks and got more details. The standard Unlimited costs Dhs 113,000, and all these mods cost Dhs 35,000 more. I even guessed the lift correctly:

    Corner Guards (2 doors)
    Fuel filler Door Black
    Wiring Kit Off-Road Lamps
    Hood Lock
    Exhaust Tip Chrome
    Side Step Tubler
    Bumper front Off Road
    Bumper Rear Off Road
    Rear Bumper Tire Carrier
    Sapre tire rubber damper
    Light bar
    Micky Thompson MTZ Baja tires
    Grab Handle / Hook Kit
    Lift Kit 2 inch with Bilstein Shock
    Tail Lamp Guard
    Windshield Mounted Lamps
    Tow Hooks (front)
    Mirror Chrome
    Front Grille Mat finish
    Number plate bracket
    Steering Stabilizer bracket

  5. ^ So what the starting price on the wrangler is like 80K?!

  6. I am not a fan of the Wrangler.
    It is very boxy and ugly.

    No drive comfort and very noisy. This one is an ugly streched version of the previous models.

    This car is good for countries without any asphalted roads and maybe for the army.

    Sorry for the fans; just another opinion!

  7. I would love to see an offroad comparison between this Wrangler, the FJ, the G500 and the Defender 110. Maybe even throw in a H1 >;o)

  8. The FJ and G500 would probably be the best, the other two no matter what people say are just big lumbering offfsss in the desert sand, unless you put the 6.1Hemi conversion into the wrangler like what some ppl in AUH do..The Wrangler needs some serious engine mods to compete but the best thing going for it is the SWB version cos they wont get crested easily..

  9. Hey Guys, how is the air conditioning system of wrangler unlimited? Specially how will the rear passengers feel about it? Is it good for the U.A.E’s summer run? Does it take long to cool the cabin at daytime? Please reply.

  10. Author

    The a/c is fine…in January.

  11. I think 2 door hard top, will do fine as an offroad tool as well as be practical in day to day life. Probably you will get a full option Nativa for 2 doors price, but will you compare it with Wrangler.

  12. I like the 4-door version unlimited. Specially the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

  13. I like & want to buy the jeepcar of rubicon but i haven’t enought money so i everytime check & see the image of ur web

  14. Now i have a car of the jeep.after two weeks ago i repair my car body & paint the colour. so i want to know about how to modify the jeep .

  15. will there be any problem of balance ,suspention if a 3 door jeep modified in to 5 door by extending the body on the same chasis .will it jark on road. Plz ans at my mail

  16. like the 4-door ultimate, It would be great with powered suspention and high disks, my opinion.
    where can order the ultimate with powered suspentions.

  17. one big question ,those are the original rims for the wrangler unlimited ,so what size of MICKEY THOMPSON tires were fitted in that truck ?

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