Dubai Police use video, AD Police use Bentleys

Dubai Police use video, AD Police use Bentleys

The Dubai Police is fitting video cameras in almost all their marked patrol cars, to keep track of accident scenes as well as their own officers. Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi Police is stepping up their campaign on tailgaters, using rental luxury cars and other vehicles.

According to Gulf News, more than a hundred Dubai Police cars have already been fitted with cameras, and the video will be used to catalogue accidents and track errant officers who stray away from their designated areas. The videos will even be used for training, and we expect the cameras to also be used as evidence of traffic violations.

Meanwhile, The National reports that the Abu Dhabi Police has launched an anti-tailgating campaign to warn motorists of the risks of following dangerously close to cars ahead. During the campaign, police will be patrolling the capital in taxis, lorries and unmarked cars, among them rental Bentleys and Porsches supposedly. While the officers abide by the posted speed limits, they will watch for speeding drivers who tailgate, use the horn and flash their headlights at the undercover cars. The current fine for “not leaving a safe distance” is Dhs 400 and 4 black points.

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  1. I had seen one cam some weeks ago. I thought they may have always had it on some and I may have not noticed.

  2. Now try escaping from Bentleys and Porsche 🙂

  3. are’nt bentleys and porsches the ones that flash our smaller cars !

  4. Why spending money on renting Bentleys and Porsches in an economic crisis? Unless ofcourse they want to do a favor or donate money to the agent in AbuDhabi!
    Afterall it is the smaller cars who gets tailgated by the big cars in Abu Dhabi. No one dares to annoy a Bentley driver these guys are usually big shots!
    They need to rent Civic’s and Corralla’s to catch the violaters.
    It doesn’t make sense………….

  5. a month ago on SZR at the split for Maktoum and Garhoud (after trade centre) just 100-200 metres before the actual radar i saw parked and chained on the hard shoulder (yellow line) a small motorcycle who looked like a delivery one, but the 2 side boxes had like 10cm dia wholes and on the top box there was a flash, so… watch out. i dunno why in the world i wasn’t speeding in that very momment, but at leats 70% of the motorists around me weren’t so lucky.

  6. Author

    Wow, good tip. I usually slow down for every random car parked by the road, but I’d never have suspected a Bajaj.

  7. @ Ciprian Gud info how far can they go for our money..lets see

  8. parked cars are old school… i read in 7days a while back and saw a photo where a motorist was complaining about a Volkswagen caddy (white) having a radar at the rear WHILE RANDOM DRIVING. I got last year 2 speeding fines, same place, same hour, same day one month difference. BOTH 600 AED in a place where there is no radar. It tore me appart when re-registered my wifes 308.

  9. Author

    The good thing about doubtful speeding fines is you can ask for photo proof.

  10. @mash
    No need to ask. it was there on police’s www. My titanium green 2008 Ford Fivehundred. Both from front.

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