Toyota recall may go global and local

Toyota recall may go global and local

If you haven’t heard, Toyota now holds the record for the largest single recall ever. Involving nothing more than replacing overlong accelerator pedals that are prone to get stuck when a floor-mat slips under it, the recall was extended to an additional 2.3 million vehicles in the United States, up from the 3.8 million that were already recalled. Word is now that the recall will extend to 2 million cars in Europe, while Toyota offices around the world are in talks with various countries to make the recall global.

In most cases, the recall will simply involve the replacement of the existing accelerator pedal with a shorter one. In some cases in the States, Toyota is also installing a brake-override feature that will kill engine power if both the throttle and the brake pedals are pressed together.

As for the UAE, local papers report the dealer as saying that they are monitoring the U.S. situation, and that “if it becomes apparent that any vehicles in the UAE are affected by this campaign, we will take the appropriate action.”

Toyota has already suspended sales of various models in the U.S. to fix new cars in the showroom, although similar actions have not been taken in other countries. Reports also suggest that the factory that makes the pedals can only make 2 million pedals per year, which makes a global recall all the more impossible to complete anytime soon. In the meantime, U.S. dealers are cutting down existing pedals on customer cars using workshop tools, as per Toyota’s instructions.

The design fault affects the Camry, Corolla, RAV4, Sequoia and Avalon from Toyota, as well as the IS 300 and ES 350 from Lexus, among other models that are only sold in America.

Yet another report suggests that the entire throttle assembly is being replaced in Toyota’s US-built models for this latest recall, and since the supplier is different for Japanese-built cars, the problem may not affect other markets. The only US-built models that come to the GCC are the Avalon and the Sequoia.

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  1. so i take it like after few people will die because of these pedal problems, only THEN they will consider MAYBE they will start re-calling some vehicles, is it?

  2. Thank goodness i switched my loyalty from Toyota to Honda..!

  3. Toyota, After they open fuctories outside japan thier
    quality when down

  4. camry corolla, etc… what remains YARIS hehehehe

  5. blown out of proportion just don’t use a the rubber floor mat problem solved

  6. Guys it is seriuos , there is sticky accelerator pedals problem check this link out

  7. What about aurion its always faulty since I bought it I will sue the dealer for it I always use to say that toyota is a stupid company they don’t have nice cars.

  8. All toyota users Please Switch to HONDA 🙂

  9. or atleast switch to mazda , they are also producing finest cars now

  10. american toyota have problems…. go figure


  12. Nadeem, you look at it as your glass half full. Thats very good and positive thinking.

    Its not Lancer having Evo interiors, its Evo having the Lancer’s interiors. hahahahah

  13. LOL lots of Toyota fans here…

  14. I have a corolla 08 and i am enjoying the news… Comon guys nothing will happen to Toyota owners don’t be scared have trust in God not cars… Cheers

  15. LOOOL
    look..its going down 😉
    if you saw toyota CEO’s face…he was like in deeeeeeep SH*T…

    before toyota cars were plastic garbage…but now they are plastic garbage with stupid pedals…

    people saying the problem is not with pedals…

    its with the main computer…
    also even when people try to change to N or R…the car will keep accelerating…
    be careful toyota owners…since we have some good dealers here…

  16. Honda also have problems!

    I read also that Honda are recalling cars in the States for faulty door lock system in Honda Jaz and City models which caused death of people in a car accident.

    I guess everybody have problems! well maybe not the Germans!

  17. Yes Honda also has problems. I own a honda Civic which had a transmission failure. The car was never recalled as this is not a safety issue.

  18. German cars are the main cause of problems around the world……………..

  19. Well, we should admit that most of our car technology were developed by the Germans.

    Others, in most cases merely copy and paste with a simpler version. The first customer of any German car new model are the Japanese companies.

    It is impossible to get a car with faulty paddle from Mercedes Benz for example!

    Sorry for all Toyota fans!!!

  20. By the way; I drive a Toyota Prado but not because I like it! It is a very dull and ugly car.

    I bought it because I can’t afford the German 4×4 that I like and because of it has a good re-sale value.

  21. Mercedes Benz conduct complete tests on their prototype models in extreme environmental conditions and sometimes even 2 years in advance before that particular model’s official launch. By this time, all snags are identified and corrected.

  22. Hassan, ugly it maybe for some but if your using your Prado only for getting you from home to office, its no doubt you’ll find it dull.

  23. yeh but that still doesnt stop mercs from having issues..their own directors admitted that the mercs made in the 70-80s and some early 90s models were over engineered and that the newer ones jutt lost their quality along with the reliability factor they once had..i think now though they are trying to come back to where they were,,still trying to mind you..

  24. Spyke,
    Your saying that Mercedes Benz Directors have ADMITTED that~ “their 70-80s & 90s models were over engineered and that their latest models have lost their quality and reliablity factor they once had”????

    Do you think those directors still have jobs at MB? >:o)

  25. toyota has lost the edge…. we should buy padmini premiers…

  26. Buy Mazda, Nissan or HONDAAA forget toyota:)

    bye bye toyota:)


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